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Wisconsin has seen a spike in lung infections as of recent which have been tied to vaping. Unfortunately, the news has not been clear on what type of vaping thus creating hysteria. The unfortunate patients who have taken to emergency rooms due to severe lung infections. The patients have all stated that they have vaped THC cartridges. These cartridges have no association or qualities of nicotine-based e-liquid. Three additional victims of this outbreak have been reported in Illinois.

WQAD publicized a story which we quote:

“In Wisconsin, severe lung disease has sent 11 people to the hospital, according to the state’s Department of Health Services. That’s three more than the eight cases the state reported in late July.”

Tragically, this outbreak seems to have no plans of slowing down and will continue to accrue victims. No specific brand of THC oil cartridge has been named as of yet. We wish to clarify that this is not caused by vaping nicotine-based e-liquid or salt nic based e-liquid.  As much as we wished there was some distinguishing terminology separating the two. Below we explain what are signs that you are suffering from an infection. Please always get medical opinions before taking on any at-home treatment. If you are not sure whether you have a lung infection seek medical attention so you can properly be diagnosed and treated.


thc cbd cartridges causing lung infections


Symptoms Of A Lung Infection:

Symptoms of a lung infection
Symptoms of a lung infection
  • Cough that produces mucus: Might produce phlegm in a number of colors. Clear, yellow, grey, green.
  • Raised body temperature: Fever outbreaks that have no pre-symptoms or unusual illness symptoms such as flu or cold.
  • Chest pain: Pains that are unusually painful during a cough or when consuming liquids. Pain might arise simply from breathing. The pain is distinguishable because it feels like a stabbing pain or what some would describe as the feeling of shards of glass ripping down their insides.
  • Congestions or runny nose: The same phlegm your body is producing may lead to congestion suddenly or even randomly nose drips.
  • Myalgia or Body Aches: This is a very telling sign, if you breathe and your ribs start to hurt, if your abdomen aches, or you have sudden bouts of back pain where there has never been any this is in combination with the other symptoms suggest you seek immediate care.
  • Unusual breathing sounds: If you notice shortness of breath, find yourself gasping, or wheezing when that is not a normal body function for you this is a symptom that you need urgent care. Typically lung infections affect the entire way you breathe and could be extremely dangerous if not tended to promptly by medical professionals.

Here is a video explaining lung infection symptoms:

Treatments For A Lung Infection:

treatment for a lung infection
Treatment for a lung infection
  • Humidifier: This is early on the best approach, it helps heal and preserve your bronchial tubes to minimize irritations. This will help soothe your throat and help control the coughing and pain.
  • Tea & Honey: This will help with irritation produced by coughing.
  • Ibuprofen: This is to help with any early on fever if your body temperature rises about 100 degrees Fahrenheit please seek medical assistance. Tylenol or advil are both available at your neighborhood shops and pharmacies.
  • Antibiotics: Once you see a medical professional you may be prescribed antibiotics to help fight the infection and any remaining traces of virus. Depending on the severity of your infection these antibiotics may be administered intravenously. Follow their suggestions to have better and faster effective results. Alowing an infection to remain without appropriate treatment can have very serious effects.



In the end, always practice safety when consuming any product that is inhaled. Vaping can be relatively safe when you use the best practices suggested by the manufacturer. For anyone vaping I recommend you do your research and see what sort of manufacturing facility they have or use. Conditions, where these products are made, are of the highest importance. E-liquid brands are required to use actual ISO rated laboratories to manufacture vape juice. THC and CBD companies are not yet required to meet those standards yet. Ensure the reputation of the brand has been established. Emailing them and asking for lab results is also an option. After all, they are all required to lab test their product.

Do not be impulsive to catch a deal on these products, your health and safety are invaluable. For example, our CBD product listings have all been screened for lab results before we list them in our price comparison engine. There are numerous online resources that test these products and consumer feedback to save you time and deep searches.