What is a pod mod? Vape Guide



What is a pod mod? Vape Guide
What is a pod mod? Vape Guide

A vape pod mod is an ultra compact device that takes all of the essentials required to vape. Downgrades its components to provide a sleek and considerably discrete experience.

Vape Pods Mods are essentially designed for the use of higher nicotine concentrates. Similar to that which is typical derrived from nicotine salts. Tobacco free nicotine typically known that TFN, and freebase nicotine.

The average concentration of these types of liquids averages 20mg up to 59mg of nicotine.

The reason for the higher nicotine concentrate is that due to the nature of this device it is not powering up a coil at the same wattages. Higher wattages of a standard box mod, meaning the volume of cloud is lower.

The technology behind ultra portables can vary from one brand and one design to the next, some offer greater airflow. Some offer a restrictive draw closer to that of a traditional cigarette. Pod Mods are exceptionially convenient and very cost effective over their lifespan.

The average cost of a replacement pod can vary from as low as $2 and $5. They are capable of being refilled an average of 6 to 7 times depending on your vape habits.

We do not recommend changing flavors of your liquids between fills as there will always be remnants of pre-existing liquids. Those are typically liquids thathave touched the wicking material over it’s lifespan.

Personally, we prefer to find one liquid we love and designate a pod strictly to it. Sometimes you can manage to change between liquids so long as the flavors are similar.

All in all vaping with a pod mod is ideal. They match your needs closer to that of a cigarette. That same experience is a mid point from a full on vape mod. Salt Nic is not intended for sub ohm vape at high wattage. If your goal is to curb your nicotine craving, salt based e-liquids are the way to go.