Vuse Solo Cartridges Review


We’re setting out to review each of the cartridge offerings from the VUSE brand: let’s start with Solo Original. Does this tobacco-flavored product make the transition of smokers from cigarettes to vapor easier? Or is it all talk, no action?


For a smooth taste and a high nicotine hit, we think the Vuse Original is perfect for new tobacco quitters and seasoned vape users alike. Here’s our take.



Vuse Solo Original Cartridge Review
Vuse Solo Original Cartridge Review

Origin of VUSE

Let’s start off with the brand. Vuse is made by R.J. Reynolds, a Big Tobacco company that knows a thing or two about smoking in both the analog and digital formats. They also have an extensive distribution network, which means they can place Vuse on the same shelves as their tobacco products. So in terms of access, compared to smaller companies you can find and buy VUSE brands much easier and more affordable than the more entrepreneurial competition.


Tobacco Taste, E-Cig Tech


Fans of the traditional tobacco taste, namely former cigarette smokers, can find common ground with this flavor. With the Original, VUSE creates tobacco-flavored cartridges that bring the familiar taste to the vapor industry. After assembling your e-cig, you can taste the tobacco leaves in the ingredients right off the bat.


Let me just say that savoring the aftertaste was one of my favorite things about this flavor. That makes sense because the taste is inspired by authentic Virginia tobacco. Speaking of authenticity, VUSE claims to use “the highest quality tobacco-derived nicotine” in their e-cigs.


And after a three hour drag session, they’re right. They are also eco friendly, great for vapor users that care for the environment like myself. Vuse cigs are also one of the few cigalike offerings that only come as rechargeable, not disposable. And down to the specifics, the cartridge is made of food grade glycerin and propylene glycol.


Like all VUSE E-Cig refills, these came two to a pack and deliver consistent flavor in each puff. There’s no bitterness, and the level of freshness that comes from each drag is amazing.


I can see why they market having a “perfect puff every time”. Each puff I’ve taken was almost completely consistent. VUSE has several other flavors available for you to try, so don’t feel pressured to stick with the Solo Original Cartridge.


In Conclusion

So does the Original hold water? Well, yes. But is it a good product?


What can we say? With the Original you have an all-rounder on a quality product that’s good for a decent tobacco transition and will appease vapor users that want that same kick without damaging the environment or your body. Plus it’s a good place to start for trying a serious concentration of nicotine.


Now, stay strapped for the other two flavors: Crema and Menthol!