how to quit smoking with vaping

Does Vaping Work For Quitting Smoking?

So its that time of the year where long time smokers once again face the anxiety of trying to hold on to their new year’s resolution to quit analog smoking. Personally, I experienced this yearly tradition from my 13th years as a smoker and it endured for the next 14 years.

My normal cold turkey journey lasted until my first day back at work and then I was back to smoking. Yes I felt guilty but alas one has to hold on to their job and not bring over the attempt to kick an addiction with it impacting job performance.


I over the years resorted to patches, gums and lozenges that led to heart burn, and even hypnotism. So did vaping work for me the first time? No, it did not and I say honestly it didn’t take for me for the first two attempts mostly because I didn’t believe in it and was under educated as to exactly how to succeed with it.

So how did vaping finally work for me? I learned to stop seeking a replicated experience to my cigarette of choice. Seeking a perfect blend of menthol and tobacco was my big mistake. In order to disassociate satisfaction with the horrible taste and smell of a cigarette, you must find a liquid that pleases you enough to not make you miss it. Another common mistake I made was chasing that instant gratification of a cigarette. Vaping at that time did not work as it does today, it was less efficient in instant nicotine delivery.

Products like the JUUL and other pod mod cigalike systems like the blu offer instant nicotine delivery. Their doses are typically 7 to 8 times higher than you would experience with a sub ohm vape and higher than what we would recommend you use a tank and box mod kit. I highly recommend getting one of those for the first week to two weeks as they will crush your craving faster than anything else.

So what about that starter kit someone gifted you? You can put that to use but just don’t expect the same instant punch of nicotine that comes with a cigalike/pod mod kit. How do you use starter kits? Think of it in terms of having a headache and taking an Advil, the Advil will provide relief but not instantly.

The puff you take now will have an impact shortly as it is absorbed by your glands and its nicotine content finds its way into your bloodstream. For these systems use either 3mg of nicotine in your juice if you smoke 5 to 12 cigarettes a day, if you smoke a pack or more use 6mg. While some reckless vapers might suggest going as high as 12mg, I don’t recommend it. Working your way back down won’t be as simple and the experience really only helps initially but there are the factors of motor skills when vaping such high nicotine.

Buzzing from nicotine in vaping can have some serious dangers, drivers may experience blurred vision, workers may lose their equilibrium and hurt others including themselves. Getting satisfaction from vaping should be achieved from more vaping and not from vaping higher   nicotines. You’ll achieve the same results with a few extra puffs without risking passing out or losing full use of your motor skills.

This might not be an ideal start if you can’t vape regularly. If you start on a Friday you’ll be able to vape in comfort for the first two full days before returning to work. This way you’ve at least flushed the chemicals in cigarettes out of your system by the time you return to work. Now upon returning to work avoid the triggers that lead you to smoke, avoid the workplace smokers section. Walk around if you can while vaping, vaping isn’t as offensive to others but be mindful of the cloud you are producing and that it can be considered obnoxious by those around you. If you work in an outdoor environment you’ll find the starter kit easier to use and carry around. For those who work in corporate/office environments be very careful to not use your vape in your office as it may lead to co-worker complaints who might not fully understand that  vapor isn’t harmful to them.

The JUUL can be used in office environments if you do so cautiously. Do not take super long inhales, hold them in your lungs for a few seconds and let that vapor be absorbed, on the exhale you’ll notice the cloud isn’t much but a few whisps, even then make sure you do not exhale upwards or straight forward. One thing to mind is that vapor can triggered some smoke alarms that register particles so be mindful before you try to sneak a vape. The restrooms of offices with ventilation exhaust fans are a good place to secretely vape as you can exhale directly into the exhaust fan and rid yourself of the evidence.