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  • Top 5 Vape Devices

    Top 5 Vape Devices of September 2019

    Our top 5 vape devices for September are our own in-house choices. These are newly released or products that will be released soon. We find great value in them and rank them among the best for you to make an educated purchase. More

  • JUUL Takes On Underage Vaping With New Bluetooth Capable E-Cig

    JUUL Takes On Underage Vaping With New Bluetooth Capable E-Cig

    JUUL Takes on Underage Vaping accusations by bringing the fight to the gate of you attempting to activate its product. Vaping giant JUUL has introduced its latest product. The JUUL C1 which is already available in two markets. Being a new direction in the companies attempt to transition into a more contained and responsible brand. […] More

  • JUUL Takes On Underage Vaping With New Bluetooth Capable E-Cig

    Wisconsin Lung Infection Epidemic Tied To Vaping

    Wisconsin has seen a spike in lung infections as of recent which have been tied to vaping. Unfortunately, the news has not been clear on what type of vaping thus creating hysteria. The unfortunate patients who have taken to emergency rooms due to severe lung infections. The patients have all stated that they have vaped […] More

  • Using JUUL May Be Bad For Oral Hygiene

    Using JUUL May Be Bad For Oral Hygiene

    Over the past few years, there have been growing concerns over JUUL products and their effects on the mouth of its a user. Anyone who has averaged approximately on JUUL Pod per day knows first hand the level of dry mouth that can occur from such heavy use. Now dentist across the country are reporting […] More

  • Vapor Benefits Outweigh Risks University of Michigan Study Says

    Vapor Benefits Outweigh Risks, Study Says

        Analysis from a Michigan University study finds that the benefits of vapor products outweigh the health risk of exposing youth to vapor products. This study will hopefully temper media hysteria which has trumped up fears that kids in high school are a primary market for vapor companies.   It’s certainly not good that […] More

  • Nicotine Addiction A Fight Worth Engaging In

    Nicotine Addiction: A Fight Worth Engaging In

    Quitting Cigarettes Is A Battle, One You Can Win   In order to truly quit smoking it is required to break the chains that cigarette smoking develops in your life. If you are addicted to smoking cigarettes purely as a result of the nicotine addiction you are definitely not alone. This is just one of […] More

  • Can CBD Help With Anxiety
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    Can CBD Help Treat Anxiety?

        CBD has grown into a very popular wellness option for many seeking alternative medicine or therapy to a number of ailments. Today we will discuss anxiety disorders, what they are, and how they are treated. In addition, we will cover the impact that certain elements in CBD Oil and CBD Tinctures have on […] More

  • San Francisco Wants To Ban Vaping

    San Francisco Wants To Ban Vaping

        After outlawing the purchase of flavored vape juice and also tobacco products in the last fiscal year, the area of San Francisco are going to right now make an effort to disallow sales of all vapes, featuring internet acquisitions. The metropolitan area will definitely certainly not prohibit cigarettes. ” San Francisco has never […] More

  • Tips For Dealing With Nicotine Cravings

    Tips For Dealing With Nicotine Cravings

      One more cigarette goes off package … prior to he knew it, Dan was blowing away one more cigarette. Dan used to say “But you don’t recognize … my job simply reaches me, I require something for my tension! People there are smoking in front of me, stopping cigarette smoking it’s not as simple […] More

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