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What is

eCig-City Online (also referred to as The City) is continuation of a B&M (Brick and Mortar) Vape Shop out of Riverside, California. Our Regular In-Store Hours are: Mon-Sat 11am-Midnight and Sun 11am-8pm (PST).

What are your Online Support Hours?

Our online support hours are: Monday-Friday 5am-1pm (PST). If you have any questions and want to give us a call, please feel free to call (951) 394-2489 during the hours listed above and ask for Online Support. Otherwise, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or use the Contact Us button to leave us a message on our site.

Do you use discount codes?

We sadly are not going to be issuing discount codes anymore except on extremely rare occasions. Most of our deals on our website are the best around, and we are more than willing to keep that trend going looking towards the future. We also offer amazing deals on juice. You can find more information about it HERE.

What shipping service do you use?

Our shipping services are provided by the United States Postal Service and all relevant shipping methods are subject to their respective transit times as listed below:
USPS First Class (3-5 Business Days *Under 1 lb*)
USPS Priority (2-3 Business Days)
USPS Priority Express (1-2 Business Days)
Orders valid for Free Shipping are also shipped via USPS.

How soon can I expect my order?

Our Orders are shipped Monday-Friday.
All orders of regularly stocked items will usually be processed 2-3 Business Days after the initial transaction unless otherwise stated. All credit card transactions are processed the day the order is made. Orders will be in your box or at your doorstep with an expected shipping time of up to 2-7 days after the initial shipping date. Orders within California can be expected within 2-3 days from initial order.

Can I add a discount code to my order after its been made?

Promotional sales/discount codes can not be retroactively applied for any reason whatsoever, they can also not be combined with previous offers or multiple orders during a promotional period. This means you can not cancel an existing order to re order with a new promotion, also you can not order a gift certificate during a promotion to use during a second promotion thereby combining the discount rate. There are no exceptions, please do not violate these policies or we will consider refusing future service.

How do Pre-Orders work?

We filter our Pre-Orders a bit differently than we handle our regular orders. Typically, we will hold onto the payment and send out the Pre-Ordered product as soon as it comes into our stock. If you order other regularly stocked products with your Pre-Order, by default we wait until the pre-order product comes in before sending out the entire order. If you would like your order immediately, please place all pre-order items on a separate order entirely. ALL PRE-ORDERS ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS WILL BE OFFERED ON PRE-ORDER PRODUCTS, REGARDLESS OF RELEASE/ORDER DATE.