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  • Suorin Edge Pod Mod

    Suorin Edge Pod Mod System $9.99

    This is one hell of a deal on the Suorin Edge Pod Mod. You will not find a better deal on a pod mod from this brand or anything even moderately rated. Enjoy a substantial step up in your vaping with this ridiculously priced ultra portable vape mod. With the reviews being as good and as clear as they are this is a no brainer and a choice of purchase one should make without mulling it over much. You know the brand, you know the quality, stop waiting for inventory to run out. This sale will end shortly so get your order in right now. More

  • HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer

    HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer Review

    Today we are reviewing the HoneyStick Turbo HRB Dry Herb Vaporizer which is a budget friendly portable device for fans of toking on the go. This device costs considerably less than many of its competitors and was created to become the king of the $100 and below dry herb vaporizer category. More

  • Massachusetts Fails To Kill Vaping

    Massachusetts Fails To Kill Vaping!

    Massachusetts has a temporary four-month ban on all vaping products, which is scheduled to end December 24. Bill H. 4183 does not prohibit all vaping services and products –but it might as well. The invoice contains these terms: There are activities Massachusetts vapers usually takes to fight back. More

  • Pre-Black Friday Sale: 40% Off All Vape Sale Items

    Pre-Black Friday Sale: 40% Off All Vape Sale Items

    This Pre-Black Friday Sale: 40% Off All Vape Sale Items is one for the ages and one to help you curb the anxiety of waiting and refreshing your browser come BLACK FRIDAY VAPE SALES. That’s right 40% off all vape products already on sale. This is pretty much the biggest clearance event on vape products of all of 2019. More

  • Coil Art Lux200 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank $12.99

    Coil Art Lux200 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank $12.99

    Grab vaping by the mesh with a Coil Art Lux200 Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank for the lowest price its ever been listed at. $12.99 for a tank of this quality is a pretty good deal especially if you like mesh and like coil life longevity. These coils will take whatever you toss at them and keep […] More

  • iJoy Pole AIO MTL Starter Kit

    iJoy Pole AIO MTL Starter Kit $11.99

    Pick up the iJoy Pole AIO MTL Starter Kit for less than the cost of a fancy coffee and sandwich. At $11.99 this is a monster deal and quite honestly a steal if you love mouth to lung vaping. If you prefer salt nic vape juice or regular vape juice at higher nicotine milligrams, this […] More

  • SMOK NOVO 2 25W

    SMOK NOVO 2 25W Pod System $13.50

    Get your hands on the SMOK NOVO 2 25W Pod System for as little as $13.50 right now. That is the best deal we could find on the entire internet from a trusted retailer. Considering that this pod mod has the highest ratings and best reviews of any system we’ve seen this year. You will […] More

  • NY Flavor Ban

    NY Flavor Ban Expected To Pass On October 18th

    This episode is sponsored by The Archive of Podcasts DOT Com. The world’s largest index and collection of podcast shows and episodes. Listen free to shows from Bill Simmon, Joe Rogan, Russell Brand and many other top podcasters in the world. Now onto the news.   Welcome to the vaper deals podcast, where we serve […] More

  • SMOK SLM Pod Kit $4.99

    SMOK SLM Pod Kit $4.99

    Get the SMOK SLM Pod Kit for as littles as $4.99 while supplies last. This isn’t the most powerful or fanciest pod mod available. It is a vape kit created to be simple, sleek, and provide a decent vape for any level of experience. Designed to slip into a pocket or be used with discretion, it’s maximum output of 16 watts is more than enough for an enjoyable vape. More

  • SMOK Novo Replacement

    SMOK NOVO Replacement Pods $9.99

    SMOK NOVO Replacement Pods are going for as low as $9.99. These are compatible with the Smok Novo Pod Mod which is among the highest rated pod mods available right now. These pods have a 2ml capacity and last an average of 5 to 9 days depending on the sweetness of your vape juice and your style of vaping. More

  • The Vape Flavor Ban Is About Tax Revenue

    The Vape Flavor Ban Is About Tax Revenue Not Health Concerns

    The vape flavor ban isn’t about public health concerns if it was our government would be investing money into research and not outlawing and creating black markets for these products. The truth at its core has always been the loss of tobacco revenue. The U.S. government collects approximately $250 billion dollars per year on excise […] More

  • Advken Dark Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank $6.99

    Advken Dark Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank $6.99

    The Advken Dark Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is on sale right now for $6.99. Vaping on mesh coils is hot right now and finding a pack of coils for this price is not possible. Here we have a tank for you that costs less during this sale than a pack of coils. You better get in on this deal while it lasts. More

  • GrimmGreen x OhmBoyOC GOAT RDA

    GrimmGreen x OhmBoyOC GOAT RDA $13.99

    The GrimmGreen x OhmBoyOC GOAT RDA is a formidable rebuildable dripper atomizer. Designed by famed vape reviewer GrimmGreen in partnership with Recoil and OhmBoyOc. These guys are true vapers so you know the RDA is of quality and an amazing performer. GrimmGreen knows his vaping devices and after hundreds of reviews he knows a thing or two about flaws. So expect this to rank among the best of the best. More

  • Aspire AVP Pod Device Kit $12.99

    Aspire AVP Pod Device Kit $12.99

    The Aspire AVP Pod Device Kit for this price is a no brainer. We’ve literally never seen them listed this low before and probably won’t until black friday. If you want a reliable pod mod that’s hard to lose and offers more power and vape punch per draw, pick one or two of these up. You’ll be glad you did. More

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