Vape Cooler E Liquid 60ml $1

Vape Cooler E Liquid 60ml $1
Vape Cooler E Liquid 60ml $1

Vape Cooler E Liquid 60ml $1


Vape Cooler E Liquid 60ml $1
Vape Cooler E Liquid 60ml $1


E-Liquid for $1, a 60ml bottle at that. Vape Cooler E Liquid might  not be a brand you know but I think you should. Replicating the drinks we became all too familiar with during our formative years, vape cooler caputers a fruitiness that only brands like Naked 100 E Liquid has been able to capture.  This special is limited to one time usage only so pick wisely and if I am going to recommend anyone of these flavors it would be Wild Berries, it’s flat out amazing and at this price it feels like highway robbery if i’m being perfectly honest here. If you feel so comfortable pick up all three flavors, you’ll never see a deal like this again. I know i’ve been buying this stuff everytime it’s come on sale and it’s never been this low of a price..EVER.


  • Fruit Punch – Vape Cooler: When you need superior flavor and the average just won’t do find perfection in what vape cooler has for you. A mix of rich fruit flavors that both sweeten life as well as your mood, let the vape rip and deliver this bevy of fruits.
  • Tropical Fruit Punch – Vape Cooler: The tropics just became even more accessible. Tropical Fruit Punch by Vape Cooler pairs the tastiness of Mango with the citrus backdrop of pineapples and oranges. A nectar for all seasons and perfection to the vaper who enjoys fruit.
  • Wild Berry – Vape Cooler: The berries have come together to through a rager of a party. Only the wildest of the berries are invited to attend this shindig, the guest of honor will be your taste buds. Can you handle this much flavor? Tastes like an amazing wild berry punch!



Written by David Myers

An enthusiastic vaper with 8 years under his belt as a former smoker. Avid reviewer of products and has a history of advising vape companies, vape juice manufacturers on how to improve their products. David is the owner of TVD and started the website as an unbiased and non-sponsored destination for deals, vape news, and vape reviews.

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