Vape Advertising

Is Vape Advertising Going Too Far?


Vaping has been under fire for the past few years due to parental groups and other entities due to the styles of labels and the imagery often used on those labels. Vaping really put a bullseye on its back due to trying to become more attractive to their audience. Over the years the envelope has continued to evolve to include sexy images, half naked women, and even “professional” vape trick stars. So we must ask has the point of vaping been lost through advertising and marketing?


As the industry continues to grow in the billion plus a year market companies have reached to new directives to standout or attract more of the market to them. We’ve seen chain stores associate themselves with laboratories to create ridiculous liquids such as Poparazzi E Liquid, seriously take a look at the marketing for Poparazzi e-liquid and objectively tell me as a vaping outsider how digestible that is. While this isn’t a piece for our critical point of view our point is self evident that the question needs to be asked. Have we pushed too far in advertising to be considered a serious industry.

The values of vaping where “a healthier alternative to smoking” and how does the advertising of the past year reflect that? Instead of a smoking cessation or alternative companies now sell the lifestyle which is very problematic and as history showcases this was the same road that brought big tobacco under pressure and eventually led to massive regulations of their industry.

We as a community need to realize the greater good we are sitting on here and self regulate because in the end we pay the ultimate cost. When taxes, regulations kill off our favorite brands, and put the small guys out of business these larger companies abusing to point of vaping will continue to exist with their bank accounts full of millions while the mom and pop brands that actually focus on the good vaping puts on the table and the countless lives it saves. So are we a lifestyle of an alternative because figuring that out may very well save this industry from becoming a joke.

Be the voice that tells these companies to clean up their act because they are putting millions of vapers and smokers in jeopardy of crippling regulations via their vape advertising methods.