Using JUUL May Be Bad For Oral Hygiene

Over the past few years, there have been growing concerns over JUUL products and their effects on the mouth of its a user. Anyone who has averaged approximately on JUUL Pod per day knows first hand the level of dry mouth that can occur from such heavy use. Now dentist across the country are reporting an increase in cavities and tooth decay among patients who report they are using the JUUL device.

Cnet first broke the story of this alarming new trend that has recently started coming to light and could potentially turn into an epidemic. Here is a quote from New York periodontist Scott Froum, D.D.S. to Cnet.

“We began seeing [the tooth decay], but didn’t realize what it was from,” Froum says. “We had been noticing it in teens that weren’t at risk and then attributing it to other things like Monster Energy-type drinks. We never realized that vaping could also be a cause.”

Of course, this is a huge cause for concern as JUUL dominates over the counter sales. As their userbase continues to expand with incredible trajectory this issue will too. Despite being among the least budget-friendly options in vaping. JUUL continues its dominance as the go-to product for millions looking to become former smokers. While the end result may be phenomenal the trade-off might not be ideal.


Using JUUL May Be Bad For Oral Hygiene
Using JUUL May Be Bad For Oral Hygiene

The Importance Of Hydration

One of the most recommended tips for new vapers has been to increase their intake of water. Constant hydration of the mouth is even more significant when vaping e-liquid. The propylene glycol compound found in just about all of these products is a an absorbant of moisture. The glycol component is hygroscopic, meaning it tends to absorb water or moisture from its surroundings. This makes the consuming of fluids regularly as one enjoys a vape all the more important.

Dryness of the mouth can be very troublesome. It can lead to tooth decay and even gum disease if not treated or managed early enough. I personally recommend you consult with your dentist at the first signs of any changes. It is vital that you do. Vaping is a wonderful smoking cessation tool. It should not come at the cost of your overall health. Using JUUL is not a bad idea so long as you do so carefully.