Tuck Shop Lemon Sherbets E-Liquid Review
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What is it that fans of ultra sweetness look for in an e-liquid? I believe that I what Dinner Lady set out to answer with their Tuck Shop E-Liquid lineup. Today we’ll be looking Tuck Shop Lemon Sherbets, a lemon candy based vape juice from the makers of Dinner Lady E-Liquid.

With an extensive list of popular ejuice products, Dinner Lady continues to flourish out of the U.K. into sheer dominance stateside. Their latest star arrived to us with the name of Lemon Sherbets and if that brings up memories of Lemon Tart don’t worry, it did for us as well. At one point in time, you couldn’t escape the aroma of that liquid whether you owned it or not. I want to start off saying that the two are not really alike.


Tuck Shop Lemon Sherbets - Dinner Lady E-Liquid 60ml Bottle is a lemon and candy flavored ejuice for vaping
Tuck Shop Lemon Sherbets – Dinner Lady E-Liquid

Lemon Sherbets by Tuck Shop features a very unique packing with its eye catching colors and distinguishing look which ensure you don’t miss this on the walls of your local vape shop. Packaging has always been a focal point for Dinner Lady which made some splashes with free displays for vape shops that blew everyone else out of the water.

Tuck Shop continues that focus on branding while providing unmatchable experiences.


Much as it’s become a signature experience for this brand, the scent of the ejuice practically jumps out of the bottle. Some vapers may have an issue with this level of aroma being so concentrated. Sweetness and lemon waft out of the envelope the moment we receive it in the mail and it never subsides, we just get used to it.

The list Lemon Sherbets as a lemon flavored candy but somehow this has an experience that kind of comes close to an Italian lemon gelato. I found it slightly creamy while some in the TVD crowd find it closer to a candy base. For those who enjoy light sweetness or muted flavors, this won’t be a liquid that works for you. If you are the vaper who loves to be smacked in the face with the sweetness you will love it.




This is a very unique vape experience that is not meant for everyone. Direct to lung vapers may find this entirely to overpowering. Those with airflow in an airy mouth to lung experience will find this more to their liking. Personally, I think this liquid would be perfect in a pod mod or something of that size. Because the flavors tend to get a bit lost along the inhale, it might tame it. While not a fan of super sweet vape juice. Lemon Sherbets has a quality that makes you miss it shortly after setting it down. Widely, we enjoyed it more in a sub ohm tank below 80 watts. In an RDA only a few in our crew could tolerate it north of 90 watts.

Overall, we expect this to be a hit. The rare factors here and the fact you genuinely recall that experience after you switch to something else is an invaluable quality that few liquids manage. Lemon Sherbets will definitely win a ton of awards get an ovation from our vaper crew. It might not be for everyone, yet for those who it fits, it fits amazingly well.  Dinner Lady continues it’s dominance.






Tuck Shop Lemon Sherbets E-Liquid Review
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Cloud Production
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Can be overpowering at times
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