The Vape Flavor Ban Is About Tax Revenue

The vape flavor ban isn’t about public health concerns if it was our government would be investing money into research and not outlawing and creating black markets for these products. The truth at its core has always been the loss of tobacco revenue. The U.S. government collects approximately $250 billion dollars per year on excise taxes on tobacco per year. What actually threatens that? Vaping.

Now, online retailers have no choice but to age verify every single order shipped so where are children getting their JUUL’s? Local stores so rather than removing that source and taking all sales into a realm that is completely capable of tracking all sales, identities, etc. You outright elect to shutter an entire industry. Callous and heavyhanded don’t begin to capture the truth here. The real motive here isn’t to quiet down the public outcry over underaged vaping. There are other measures for that. Those aren’t on the table at all.

The Vaping Industry Jeopardizes Tax Revenues


Let’s be completely blunt right now. The attacks on vaping have been at an all-time high with shotty reporting of deaths where they sink the truth so far down readers never get to it. One example would be several top publications only mentioning the words “THC Cartridge” which has been the true culprit here in all of these cases.

Yes, some of the patients and victims have e-liquid vaping in common but has any one of them actually blamed e-liquid for their ailments? Honestly, no? So now we have everyone from the President to the Govenor of New York banning flavors. With full prejudice and no care about the thousands of businesses that will have to shut their doors and cease to exist.


The Early Effects Of Vape Bans

Banning vape sales has a huge effect on the economy

Some vape brands and vape shops have already started pre-emptively closing shop due to the worries over these bans. One vape juice brand who spoke to us anonymously has disclosed that shutting down his operation has already cost him north of three hundred thousand dollars in addition to placing his small team on unemployment. “The effects of these types of bans are going to have a huge impact on many of us and it will continue to happen” he stated “this really isn’t about public health because online vendors have to verify the age of every single customer.”