HorizonTech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank Artisan Edition
HorizonTech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank Artisan Edition
HorizonTech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank Artisan Edition


Horizontech has been among our favorite manufacturers for the past year. Its Falcon line of tanks rocked the vape industry by introducing some amazing coil technology to pair up with their brand leading tank. With varying options of coils you can either choose to chase flavor. You can choose to chase clouds. You can choose to chase the two, yet not as well as you would chase either one.


In terms of design and durability few come close to competing. As a personal owner of three of these tanks and a person who has extensively reviewed the Falcon Sub Ohm reviewed the Falcon Sub Ohm Tank. I can honestly say it has been one of my favorite devices every put to market.


This device features 5ml of capacity and a resin embedded frame. Pyrex glass reinforcement as well as a bubble glass extension to expand to 7ml capacity. In order to customize your vaping experience you can select from 8 coil options. Two coils come included with your tank purchase. My personal recommendations are the M1 Coil for clouds and the F1/F2 coils for flavor.


Why Buy?

For those who enjoy having options and the ability to modify their experiences. The Falcon Sub Ohm Tank offers many options tailored to many needs. The experience of tasting your liquid has never been better outside of a rebuildable dripper atomizer. Bridging that gap is significant and going back will be harder. Having that same flavor experience in a less messy manner is vital here. Ask any vaper who drips and ask them if they could have that same experience without juicing every two minutes would they take it? The answer is an obvious yes. Enjoy.