studies show vaping helps smokers quit

Studies Keep Showing That Vaping Helps Smokers Quit


A new study confirms previous studies revealing that vaping increases the success of quitting by cigarettes smokers, and also results in effectively lowering the regression rate in former smokers. The outcomes provide continued proof that smokers who make use of e-cigarettes are more likely to stop smoking cigarettes.

The research study, by a team from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, was released in the journal Nicotine and Cigarette Research. The researchers checked out data on cigarette smokers aged 25-44 from 2 huge UNITED STATE government surveys– the National Wellness Interview Study (NHIS), performed by the Centers for Illness Control as well as Avoidance (CDC), and also the Tobacco Use Supplement to the Present Population Survey (TUS-CPS), which makes use of U.S. Census Bureau data, and also is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute as well as FDA Facility for Tobacco Products.

The researchers considered a sample group with past-12 month stopped attempts in between 2006 and 2016, as well as tried to locate whether vaping was related to populace degree changes in past-12-month stopped efforts and effective smoking cigarettes cessation.

The research study shows that both past-12-month quit attempts and effective cigarette smoking cessation raised significantly in the years given that vaping has actually come to be a common practice. It likewise revealed that cigarette smokers who reported likewise making use of e-cigarettes at the time of the study had made substantially much more quit attempts in the in 2015.


The research study is very important because it contributes to the body of evidence that cigarette smokers who attempt vaping are most likely to give up smoking cigarettes than other cigarette smokers. Vaping360 covered a number of studies in 2014 with similar findings, including research from the College of California-San Diego that additionally made use of TUS-CPS data, and also a study from researchers at Columbia as well as Rutgers universities that utilized information from NHIS. One more study from Boston University scientists discovered that day-to-day vapers were more likely to quit smoking than non-vapers.

These documents all shoot down the insurance claim by anti-smoking (as well as -vaping) lobbyists like University of California-San Francisco professor Stanton Glantz that vaping in fact minimizes cessation. Glantz authored an extremely advertised “meta-analysis” in 2016, purporting to show that vaping is “related to considerably less giving up among cigarette smokers.” That study was promptly unmasked, however Glantz’s claim obtained a lot even more press than the scientists who destroyed it.