VUSE Solo Crema Vuse Cartridge



Solo Crema Vuse Cartridge Review

After trying out the Original Cartridge from VUSE, now we’re moving on to Crema.  So, remember when we said the taste of the original was smooth? Well scratch that against this e-liquid.


Smooth Taste


This flavor’s smooth taste was nothing new coming from VUSE. But for people who have a serious sweet tooth, this is the ultimate flavor in their lineup.


The taste of Crema is a combination of vanilla and caramel, with a smoky undertone. This makes for a strikingly different experience compared to the Original or assumingly our next contender, Menthol. Where they pack a more intense flavor, the Crema is soft and doesn’t have an overpowering tobacco taste.


To best describe it, it’s very much like ice cream, or s’mores without the chocolate. That can be a bummer to some, but for us it was heaven at the end of a busy work day or as a quick work-break treat. Speaking of treating, you can also create some thick clouds with this flavor after each puff, if the visual component of smoking is important for you to replicate.


A Sweet But Powerful Punch

Traditional tobacco lovers may not like the Crema due to its lack of an intense tobacco note, but we’d recommend for beginning vapers that never smoked before or for people that don’t want a heavy aftertaste.


This is the flavor that you can pull on in the morning and enjoy with breakfast in the company of folks that maybe aren’t quite on board with vaping just yet. And to some, that’s the perfect middle ground between personal enjoyment and group contentment.

As stated before, VUSE cigs are one of the few brands that only come rechargeable, not disposable. We’ll also note that each draw was consistent with the taste, keeping with the brand’s motto of  a “perfect puff every time”.


Running through a heavy drag session, we enjoyed the sweet decadence of the Crema for about three hours. But casual users can expect a good week’s worth of use if you plan to make this your morning smoke (like some of us).


VUSE has several other flavors, but the Crema is more than just special. The only downside to this flavor is it’s a VUSE Solo exclusive. So it doesn’t work it other e-cigs, including with the other VUSE devices like the Ciro or the Vibe. The upside, however, is that it’s a flavor that’s becoming a fan favorite – so chances of it being discontinued are slim.

In Conclusion

Can you enjoy the Crema and figuratively have your cake too?

Yes, yes you can. You can get the same high without completely tasting the loud nicotine in the Crema. As the name suggested, it’s a creamy dessert-style liquid that best for sweet lovers and newcomers that want a softer introduction to vaping. But be prepared to buy the VUSE Solo as a staple in your vape product arsenal to enjoy it.


Hopefully in the future the Crema will expand to be compatible with more VUSE devices, but the Solo is $11 so it won’t break your bank if you wanted to splurge on ice cream in an e-cig. And honestly, that’s a steal for airborne ice-cream.