Savage E-Liquid Sale Blowout

Savage E-Liquid is having a massive 50% off sale. With a ton of lines and flavor combination options, you’ll find it harder trying to choose what to buy than anything else. One of the most beloved and highest-rated vape companies on the planet. Savage E-Liquid has burst onto the scene of both vaping and CBD with high-quality products.


Savage E-Liquid Sale
Savage E-Liquid Sale




Savage E-Liquid 50% Off Blowout Sale ON ALL SAVAGE E-LIQUID PRODUCTS

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Expired on: 09/29/2019


This sale will end this weekend and you won’t see prices like this until Black Friday so make sure you stock up and leave reviews for others.

About Savage E-Liquid

Savage Enterprises was founded by Chris Wheeler and Matt Winters with the belief of helping the masses who needed an alternative to combustable cigarettes. As former smokers wanting a solution, Chris and Matt found the e-cigarette space to be very appealing.

In 2013, Matt and Chris opened O.C. Vapor Chamber (later renamed to Savage Vapor), a retail location for e-cigarettes in Orange, California. Within six months of opening their store, they wanted to offer innovative solutions in the space to other businesses.

Originally, Chris and Matt started mixing e-Liquid in the back of their store front, making different concoctions and sampling them out to their customers. They received great responses to their mixes. The only problem was – they didn’t have a name for their brand.

Chris Wheeler has dabbled in online gaming since grade school and has always had a username with the word “savage”. To Chris, the word Savage means being the best, going above and beyond, working like no one else does, and generally kicking butt. This is everything he wanted his company to be.

After gaining traction quickly with their e-Liquids, they jumped into the wholesale market at the tail end of 2014. Savage Enterprises started growing at a rate they didn’t expect and closed their vape store in 2016.