Is The Quality Of JUUL Declining?


The JUUL has been the wonderchild of vaping since it’s released, by providing the original simplest to use electronic cigarette cigalike they stormed onto the scene and rapidly took marketcap to glorious heights. With a very limited flavor options they managed to do what even billion dollar corporations couldn’t do and that was to get people to switch from analogs to new technology to replace their cigarette addiction.

Personally I have been a JUUL user since I first came across them early in 2016 at the recommendation of vape juice companies at ECC. At the time the product was durable, cost effective, and innovative. Sadly it seems like with all products that go into mass manufacturing the decline came and has continued. Part of the reason this is an issue is the scarcity that JUUL seems to impose, speak to any direct buyer of their products for retail and they will likely sigh before going into a rant about how limited they are in their buying power as well as how fast it sells. The old double edged sword. Is it scarcity due to production or is it a false scarcity created to drive compulsion buying in a market built on impulsive habits? We aren’t here to have that discussion, others have already addressed it and the product keeps selling.

The problem is that JUUL went from a spectacular product to one that requires you have a backup if you use it as the only sole of nicotine delivery system in your life. Even that would be fine, they do have a one year warranty but the anxiety when a unit breaks can be very detrimental to someone just making the conversion.

When speaking to other vapers they too experienced this, not just the leaking but the leaking that laeds to shoving napkins into the mod itself to dry it out. In a situation where some brick and more stores are asking for $60 for the $35 basic kit this is a very slippery slope.

Don’t get me wrong, we love JUUL and everything it stands for but unfortunately as vapers we’ve been burned like this before with zero care from manufacturers. That’s not to say that JUUL will or won’t fix this issue, it’s to say that JUUL has a massive quality control issue on its hands. For a company we all owe so much to we can only hope they are listening and aren’t just satisfied with record earnings.