TFV12 Prince Replacement Coil Pack – SMOK

TFV12 Prince Replacement Coil Pack – SMOK


Last updated on 2019-07-10 5:54 pm
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TFV12 Prince Replacement Coil Pack by SMOK . Keep that brand new TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm Tank producing the finest clouds and flavor with this 3 pack of replacement coils. Whether you fell in love with one particular coil or are looking for something that fits your needs you can find exactly what you need within these options.

The Prince Tank is the latest tank in the SMOKTech Line up. The vape tank was designed to competed with the latest tech. It pushes the boundaries of what Smok can do. It’s engineering department thought out the experience top to bottom. The many benefits of this vape device are evident from the reviews and how many online vape shops have this under their best seller sections. Take it to the next level of vaping. SMOK is the biggest brand in vaping for a reason and a fresh pack of coils will keep reminding you why. Are you ready to hail the prince?

TFV12 Prince Replacement Coil Specifications:

  • T10 Decuple Coils: 0.12 rated for 60-120W, recommended 80-110W
  • X6 Sextuple Coils: 0.15ohm rated for 50-120W, recommended 80-100W
  • Prince Q4 Quadruple Coils: 0.4ohm rated for 40-100W, recommended 60-80W
  • M4 Quadruple Coils: 0.17ohm rated for 30-70W, recommended 45-55W





SMOK is the leading vape manufacture globally since it's launch in 2010 from Shenzhen, China. In my opinion, it's rapid research and development catapulted this small and young company into the forefront. Initially, a small player in the electronic cigarette market. The brand focused on design. Since it's launch in 2010, Smoktech has innovated and earned a bunch of patents. Many which are found inside of the vape tanks, vape mods, and coils we use today. With an astounding 80 million devices sold worldwide the little company is now king. The brand continues to grow into the premier brand for vaping devices. I personally have owned their products across the board of offerings. From pod mods, box mods, sub ohm tanks, cartridges, vape pods, and replacement coils. This brand has had a historic rise that has made it not only the most recognizable of all vape brands. I believe they are also tied to the vaping experience of a large portion of the vape community. Products from SMOK are backed by a worldwide warranty and any product that arrives defective or not operating. If it arrives not operating as intended. I recommend contacting them via this SMOK Warranty Contact Page to get your product replaced. I believe you will find great value in any product you buy from Smok.