Lava Flow Naked 100 E-Liquid

Lava Flow Naked 100 E-Liquid


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Lava Flow Naked 100 E-Liquid




Lava Flow from Naked 100 E-Liquid. Naked 100’s Lava Flow is one of the very best fruit vape juices I have ever vaped. Strawberry on the inhale with the pineapple on the way out. I found indulgence through a velvety blend of strawberry, blueberry and also coconut on the exhale. Magically mixed where you get slammed by all three flavor combinations with the correct amount of sweet taste. I adore the fact that all of the fruit product tastes are actually organic tasting as opposed to candied. Undoubtedly, this an ADV for the summer months.

It is actually an excellent, completely fruity vape, and also I presume it is actually fairly exact. I typically encountered a pineapple taste in advance, with a hint of coconut and a little teensy bit of strawberry keep in minds behind-the-scenes. I presume for Lava Flow it’s just about like a healthy smoothie form of taste. As someone who isn’t a fan of creamy flavors. This serves a tease blended into a pleasant mix of tropical tastes.


You will love Lava Flow. I have actually never had a pineapple or even coconut vaping flavor before and it just might be my new favorite flavor combination. This extract is very easy on the rolls as well as is good and soft. It makes excellent clouds as well. In general it’s a fantastic taste, which possesses quite high rankings on all the websites I inspected before getting it as well as I concur! I assume they did a great job through this one producing the tastes into a fruity combination that is tough to defeat. I definitely would not transform a thing using this fluid. It possesses a nice amount of flavor and sweet taste. It’s an ADV and I think I will definitely continue to get this one for a very long time. Give it a shot if you like fruit product tastes, it shouldn’t let down fruit flavor supporters.



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