OVNS Duo Pod System Review

OVNS Duo Pod System. OVNS is no newcomer to the pod vaping market. For a while now, they’ve been producing both pod-style batteries that are cross-compatible. Compatibility with other popular cigalike-sized device and ultra-compact designs of their own. The Duo Pod System, however, is in a class of its own.


This is the first pod device (or vape hardware, period) we’ve seen that allows a user to vape two different pods at once. Whether that means having access to two different flavors on the go, or just topping both tanks up with your favorite liquid to ensure you won’t need to refill away from home is up to you. Either way, there are some tremendous upsides here. Let’s take a look…




OVNS’s Duo features a painted aluminum body housing the battery with magnetic connections at either end. To snap in a plastic pod outfitted with a 2.0-ohm resistance coil and a reported 2.0 ml liquid capacity. With that low a resistance, 4.0 ml in e-liquid should easily last all but the heaviest vapers for a full day.


Even with all that capacity, the device is remarkably tiny, just 76 mm tall, 26 mm wide, and 11 mm thick. That’s even smaller than the footprint of a traditional credit card, making for an easily-pocketed and highly portable vapor device.


The body of the battery is a pretty simple parallelogram design. Sporting an OVNS logo on one side, a micro-USB charging port, and not much else. There’s no need to power the device on or make any adjustments, just snap in your pods and go.


Choose between grey, black, blue, red and yellow for body finish color on the outside. Inside, meanwhile, the Duo features a 400 mAh battery set to deliver a constant 7.2 watts of power to the coil.




Let’s be honest, anyone looking for a person-powered fog machine is going to be better served by an advanced device than a pod system. That said, vapor production isn’t bad at all for such a compact device. Because of the high-resistance coil, expect a slightly cooler vape than with 1.5 ohms or lower coils. Taking a “primer” drag before your main puff can help the coil build-up temperature. To deliver a slightly warmer vape, but keeping the temperature and power low is a trade-off for retaining enough power to vape through the Duo’s massive liquid capacity.


The draw isn’t the tightest we’ve experienced, but it’s definitely geared more for mouth-to-lung adherents than those looking for a restricted-lung type of draw. The airflow is not adjustable, so be prepared for a crisp, tight pull, or look to another device if this won’t fit your style.


Pods snap on with a firm magnetic connection and a small rubber plug covers the fill hole. Be careful, as the plug isn’t attached to the pod and is small enough to quickly lose if care isn’t taken in removing it.




As we mentioned, there’s that fill cap that’s a bit tricky to remove and isn’t tethered to the pod in any way. The pod is also a nearly-opaque dark grey in color. This can make keeping an eye on liquid levels and refilling a bit of a chore unless you’ve got access to a bright light source.


While we’re talking pods, we always like to see manufacturers include more than the bare minimum in a device starter kit. The OVNS Duo does better than most in this department. Including three pods when only two are necessary to get the device up and running. Even better would be a spare pod for each side of the device. You’ll want to pick up some spares sooner than later to ensure you’re able to keep vaping.


We don’t have enough time with the Duo to get a handle on battery life. Even with the 2.0-ohm coils being relatively efficient. We still wonder if heavier users would be able to vape two full pods dry with just 400 mAh. Ready access to micro-USB charging in the office, however, means we’ve never needed to actually push the device to its breaking point.


OVNS Duo Pod System Takeaways


We’re seriously impressed with the compact size and dual-pod capabilities of the Duo. It slots in as one of the smaller devices currently available, and the massive liquid capacity. That allows you to vape two flavors without changing pods makes this a genuinely unique device.


The cool-ish vape and fairly restrictive airflow may be turn-offs for some vapers. But given the competitive price point, attractive and seemingly durable design, and ridiculously small size. We see no reason to otherwise not give the OVNS Duo Pod System a hard look if you’re looking to expand your pod mod collection.