NY Flavor Ban

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Now onto the news.


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In the news. JUUL has announced that it has suspended all sales both retail and wholesale in North America. This is huge, as the single biggest player in vaping with a valuation in the billions they put the vaping under the microscope and has been accused of the underage vaping epidemic. Rather than stand up fight for reform they’ve tossed in the towel and have left every other brand to fight on their own. Without that multi-billion dollar war chest. Thanks, JUUL.


In other news

The New York flavor ban seems set to fully pass the council in the next few hours and go into effect immediately. That means that thousands of former smokers who currently vape may find themselves locked out of their local vape shops, said vape shops stuck in leases they can’t pay since they can’t operate, and New York’s Governor Cuomo happily back to reaping the benefits of his tobacco taxes which are easily the most expensive in all fifty states. The argument that flavors are targeting kids continues to run rampant as well as the false accusations that electronic cigarettes are killing people. Perhaps now that people can’t buy them the powers that be may just maybe focus on the real problem here. THC cartridges continue to be mentioned but sadly on average 5 paragraphs down long after the average reader has stopped reading. The sad truth is that this is only the beginning as the FDA will soon officially hand down its restrictions which include removing products from the marketplace to go through approval which is insane itself. That’s your dollars at work folks.


Now onto better news

Major online e-commerce websites continue to fight and sign up vapers for their petition against the FDA. The threat of voters taking their displeasure with vaping bans to the voting booth puts many rights and left politicians under the microscope and at threat of being removed. In addition, the exposure of politicians who have accepted donations from big tobacco, have done work for big tobacco or are under the heel of big tobacco. More on this to come.


In More TVD News:

We have started expanding our vape comparison pricing engine to include dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, bongs, and other marijuana-based products from companies like Mig Vapor, Pax, Chameleon Glass, and many other top brands. This is in addition to a huge roll out of CBD products we are working on deploying briefly.

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The NY Flavor Ban is the first of many steps towards ending vaping as we know it. Stay alert and don’t let the NY Flavor Ban beat us all.