Naked 100 Sour Sweet Review

Naked 100 Candy E-Liquid – Sour Sweet Review



Naked 100 Candy E-Liquid is a spin-off from the heavily celebrated and world-renowned Naked 100 E-Liquid brand. Manufactured by USA Vape Labs in Nevada, Sour Sweet was the first release of this new brand. Today we give you our impressions of the products, with vaping it is always subjective and we have not received the item in exchange for a review so there is no commitment to positively review this product.

Sour Sweet takes the flavor of a lime flavored gummy candy which is something most of have experience in one way or another. This liquid promised to deliver a replica experience to the ones you had in real life and the rest of the line seems to have been designed or intended to deliver this type of overall experience. At the price of $19.99 regularly unless found on sale this product matches the average price of most liquids in the 60ml category although Naked 100’s rise came from offering twice as much liquid at this price at the time as its competitors.

With a great scent and interesting packaging, we were very hopeful that the experience would match the initial impact of meeting this fresh bottle. Sadly the experience of getting it was more enjoyable than the experience in vaping it. Possibly due to the nature of its sweetener a problem that seems to plague this brand and many others, the lifespan of your coils will take a step dive, if you can make it through the full vape session of this liquid. Sadly the flavor experience just isn’t there to create boredom. It has no complexity and absolutely lacks in an evolving experience that makes for a great all day vape. While super sweet fans will rejoice at the levels of sweetness here most vapers will not, it’s like taking the lime and dousing it with endless piles of sugar.


As a fan of lime e-liquid, I was grossly disappointed in the overall experience with Sour Sweet. It’s a nice enough liquid to vape when you want something different but getting through a tank full of this was a downright chore. Transitioning to an RDA showcases just how much sweetener is in this thing, vaping on clean cotton at 85 watts led to cotton degradation very quickly, in a manner that when i removed the cotton from the RDA the fibers were almost crystalized from the sheer amount of sweeteners.

Overall I say pass on this unless you need something that includes insane levels of sweetness if that’s your thing you’ve arrived at nirvana but for the rest of us this liquid just doesn’t cut it. A tragic experience from the biggest player in vaping.