MYLE Pods 4 Pack $13.49

MYLE Pods 4 Pack $13.49


Myle stormed onto the scene as a rival to the JUUL and the Suorin devices of the world. A pod mod made by actual vapers who were former smokers and realized there was much room for improvement. The initial batch of MYLE devices features proprietary charging ports. The vapers in that company realized this was not the way to go and thus they refocused and came up with a better solution. Micro USB charging and the device took off.

Yet what’s charging without good flavor experience. MYLE took this into account as well and created a pod juice lineup to rival many big brands of liquid and they did this using salt nicotine which is a feat all on its own. Mighty Mint Pods by myle put the JUUL’s cool mint flavor to shame, with a considerably stronger menthol and mint combination that makes the choice between the two an easy no brainer. Lush Ice which is already an established product returned via their pod system and didn’t lose a single step.

Partnerships with companies like VGOD brought the Cubano flavor experience to ultra portable vaping. The Tropical Mango was a direct response to JUUL’s mango shortage of early 2018. Who doesn’t love a company that goes the extra step? Featuring 0.7ml in each pod for some reason puff per puff these pods seem to just last longer than the JUUL and don’t suffer from the sometimes performance that JUUL Vapor seems to be nagged by.


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