blu ecigs starter kit $1

Blu Ecigs Starter Kit $1!

blu ecigs starter kit $1
MyBLU Starter Kit – Blu eCigs $1



You read that correctly! A Blu Ecig Starter Kit for only $1. No catch, no mail-in rebate simply add to cart and use the code. That’s it


About The MyBlu

Being one of the pioneers when it comes to vaping, blu cigs is introducing us to their new product that is refillable and easy to use. The MyBLU™ Starter Kit is blu ecigs way of making it easier for individuals to try out the new way of vaporizing by creating a pen-like vaping device that is technically not refillable. The MyBlu is a lightweight e-cigarette that has a 350mAh battery and the ability to be fully charged within twenty minutes. Even when the built-in LED battery indicator begins to blink, it will not be long before you can continue vaping again. The starter kit comes with a USB charging cable, just to make the process easier. It is able to provide you with outstanding flavor by enhancing the taste that the e liquids already have. The reason why the MyBlu is technically not refillable is because they work with pods that are already pre-filled with 1.5ml of e juice. This eliminates the messiness of having to refill your vaporizer manually. Clever idea, but we did not expect anything less from the blu cigs team. This starter kit comes with a tobacco flavored Gold Leaf Liquidpod in order to ease in any vaping beginner, into this trend, with a familiar taste. There are several other prefilled pod flavors available, so you are able to try out the different delicious flavors blu cigs has to offer.


Product Features:


  •      Primary Flavor: Gold Leaf Tobacco
  •      Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
  •      Compatible with pre-filled MyBLU™ LiquidPods
  •      Portable


Package Includes:


  •      MyBlu Vaporizer
  •      Gold Leaf Liquid Pod (Tobacco Flavor)
  •      USB Charging Cord
  •      User Manual