MyBlu Blue Ice Pods Review

MyBlu Blue Ice Pods Review


While Blu is mostly known for its disposable e-cigarettes, they also offer a great product that competes with the pod-style systems currently leading the industry. With the MyBlu starter kit, you’ll find satisfaction matched by no other, and flavor options that keep variety well in check.

Starting off with a fresh kick is the MyBlu Blue Ice pod, a favorite among MyBlu users. Crafted using high quality ingredients, your first pull on this pod will get your mouth watering and your cravings yearning for more. As you inhale, you’ll experience the taste of juicy blueberries flooding your mouth. You might even think that you gulped a handful of fresh berries on a hot summer day, the refreshing juices are perfect to quench your thirst. This recreation owes itself to Blu’s careful selection of high quality ingredients, only choosing the best to ensure a rich and pure flavor.

Just when you think the flavor is familiar, the exhale hits you with a cooling icy sensation that creeps into your mouth and travels down your throat. The mintiness here is derived from an original blend of spearmint and peppermint that adds a kick to the familiar blueberry taste. As you savor this wonder, you’ll begin to feel relaxed and content with the amount of flavor that’s flooding your senses.

When you’ve savored this pod to its max, don’t freak out. Each MyBlu pack comes with two pods at the low price of $8.99. Each 1.5mL pod contains 1.6% nicotine (16 mg/ml), which is plenty strong for most vapers.

The MyBlu Blue Ice pod is definitely something you should get your hands on. The flavor is exceptionally crafted and will deliver the awe-inspiring experience Blu is already well-known for. Get in on the MyBlu lifestyle today!



  • Price
  • Flavor Quality
  • Size Of Pods
  • Ease Of Use


  • Occasional Spitback
  • Minor Leakage