Mix E-Liquid 100ml Bottles $4.99

Mix E-Liquid comes in 100ml Bottles and at $4.99 for that size, you are getting a deal, you can’t even get bad budget ejuice for that price. They offer three different options for their liquids.


SALE ENDS September 26th, 2019


Mix E-Liquid Offers These Three Vape Juice Products:

Purp Berry by Mix E-Liquid – Is a blend of ripe grapes ready for primetime and perfectly seasoned southern strawberries. This is Sunday evening on the porch in spring with every puff. No rocking chair required. Simply take a puff, close your eyes, and let the flavors dazzle your senses. Don’t get carried away and get too relaxed because the next puff awaits.

Blemon by Mix E-Liquid – For the fans of a bit of tarty kick with their vape juice. Blemon pairs the kicking tart of raspberries who were an energetic and rambunctious bunch and pairs them against some sassy lemons who refuse to tone it down. The result is rock n roll in vape form. Rebellious, full of attitude and ready to party.

Nectar Berry by Mix E-Liquid – Perfectly aged nectarines pulled right from the orchard and treated gently with love. They are introduced to the finest strawberries the season has harvested. They are then brought into unison with fuji apples which leads the pack and creates a harmonious grouping that takes your love of vaping to a nirvana never previously found.