Milkshake Liquids Sale

Milkshake Liquids 100ml Bottles at an all-time lowest price ever!


Milkshake E-liquids is a vape juice brand that centers around the milkshake experience and putting it in vape form. Indulge your inner senses with some premium enjoyment at budget juice prices.


Sale Ends September 26th, 2019

Products Offered In This Sale:

Apple Shake – A blend of delicious ice cream flavor with vanilla notes, paired up with a delicious apple pie and topped with a delicious cream. A mouth-watering experience and a tribute to homemade treats like grandma used to make.

Bananza Shake – Ripened bananas were thrown into a blender, poised against a few scoops of vanilla ice cream and set to blend at maximum speed. Who will be the winner? Who will showcase dominance? You will as the owner of this delicious vape juice meant for all seasons and occasions.

Breezy Shake – The most mature of strawberries, matured, educated and ready for the world. They gather and plan their assault on the ice cream tub. They surround the ice cream and demand surrender. The ice cream dares them to breach its walls, the result? An onslaught of sweetness to the very core of your tastebuds.

Panda Shake – Bits of cream-filled chocolate cookies thrown into a creamy, vanilla milkshake.

Shamrock Shake – Vanilla bean milkshake with a lick of mint.

Banggo Shake – A mix of sweet ripe Mangos with a dash of toasted coconut rounded out with extra vanilla bean ice cream!

Bomberry Shake – A mix of all of your favorite berries that are blue! Add a little condensed milk with our signature vanilla shake base, toss all the ingredients together in a blender and voila!