Micro Battery Pod Starter Kit by CYNC $2.99

Micro Battery Pod Starter Kit by CYNC $2.99


Just because it has the word micro in its name, does not mean it will now give enough power. This small and slender battery, by CYNC, is giving you the opportunity to try the several CYNC Refill Pod flavors that are available in 1.5ml and 2.5ml or e liquid. The Micro Battery will make it easier for you to enjoy these CYNC pods because of its compact size, and you might not even have to worry about this battery bulking out of your pocket. This battery has a 200mAh capacity that will be sure to last you a while before it needs some charging. Being able to work with this battery will get rid of the chore of having to refill your vaporizer every time you are all out of e juice. The CYNC Micro Battery is compatible with the CYNC pods, and all you have to do is switch out the empty pod for a fresh one so that you can start enjoying your e liquid experiences again. Now you will not have to worry about making any messes with this bad boy. This battery is also rechargeable with the help of a micro USB cord. This starter kit has supplied you with a great battery, and the only thing you have to worry about now is which color would you get it in. Would it be black, graphite, or silver?



Product Features:



  • Dimensions: 20mm x 12mm x 64mm
  • Battery Capacity: 200mAh
  • Micro USB Changing port
  • Compatible with 1.5ml and 2.5ml CYNC Refill Pods
  • Color: Black, Graphite, Silver
  • Portable


Package Includes:



  • 1 x CYNC Micro Rechargeable Battery