Mega Melons Pods (2 pack) by CYNC $2.99

Mega Melons Pods (2 pack) by CYNC $2.99



Many e liquids have tried creating an unforgettable refreshing melon blend, but sadly many fail. However, CYNC does not when they bring us their Refill Pods with the e liquid Mega Melons. This tropical blend does not only feature a variety of different melons, yet it includes fruits such as mango and papaya as well. When you connect this refill pod to any of your CYNC batteries, that includes the Micro, Standard and Stealth batteries, you can quickly begin taking as many puffs as you would like. When you take the first pull, you can taste a world of melon slowly filling you up. These refreshing melons are not alone because a couple other tropical fruits accompany them. This means that you will get a couple hints of the savory mango, while perhaps experience some papaya flavoring in the mix as well. When you exhale, the mango and papaya may become more potent but not to an extreme. The blend will also give you a number of clouds that will make this vape session a memorable one. The clouds will basically be the fruits wanting to thank you for giving them the opportunity to try and please you. All they want to do is satisfy any fruity craving you may have. These pods are prefilled with 2.35ml of e liquid and will probably last you a good amount of time. We say probably because we are aware this e liquid may become too irresistible to put your vape pen down after you take the first pull. CYNC has created several other refill pods for you to enjoy using any of the CYNC batteries. Every flavor you order comes in a two pack, so perhaps you will have enough time to fall in love with the Mega Melons blend and never change.



Product Features:


  • Primary Flavor: Melon
  • Prefilled Pods
  • Compatible with any of the CYNC Batteries


Package Includes:


  • 2 x CYNC Mega Melons Refill Pods