Massachusetts Fails To Kill Vaping

Massachusetts Fails To Kill Vaping


In a turn of events, Massachusetts fails to kill vaping. Massachusetts has a temporary four-month ban on all vaping products, which is scheduled to end December 24. Bill H. 4183 does not prohibit all vaping services and products –but it might as well. The invoice contains these terms: There are activities Massachusetts vapers usually take to fight back.

A rally was held in downtown Boston on Tuesday, Nov. 19. I recommend you take a look at just how bad this bill truly was. Even more crucial is the decision to action (link below). There are so many things wrong on this particular bill that lots of non-vapers will oppose it. In actuality should stand against it. There’s absolutely no reason to revive the worst sections of the drug war. After the success of the Washington rally, politicians tend to be more aware than ever of grass-roots vaping activists. A huge turn out in Boston has helped cement our standing as a real political force. Also, potentially help convince the Massachusetts Senate to reconsider the possible consequences with this dreadful invoice. Please note in the event that you can.

The Bill Proposed The Following:

  • Bans all flavored vaping services and products except cigarette taste. This also includes tastes in separate packaging which would be utilized to create”flavor shots” along with DIY e juice
  • Imposes a 75 percent wholesale tax on all vapor products and solutions, for example, e-liquid and hardware
  • Enacts a nicotine limitation of 20 mg on all e-liquid bottles.
  • Would hold consumers accountable for paying the commission taxes as well as require proof.
  • Steep fines for possession of untaxed nicotine-based products. Fines reaching as high as $5,000 for the first offense, and $25,000 for any further crimes.
  • And exceptionally –in a throwback to crack-era drug warfare laws–police are authorized to grab any product that you can’t prove were taxed, and your vehicle, boat, or other vehicles! The car can then be sold and the proceeds deposited into the state’s overall fund


Well, It Won’t Be Happening:

Think again, if you believe that it can’t get any worse. Because the owner you buy from now is not an authorized merchant without a tax has been paid to the country, your present products can possibly be viewed illegal later the law takes effect. In other words, all vapers must carry receipts for the vaping services and products they utilize on their person or risk losing their own cars. If you even give a ride to your friend carrying out an”adulterous” vape, your automobile might also be seized and sold.

Massachusetts vaping laws
Massachusetts Fails To Kill Vaping!

The bill additionally prohibits menthol smokes, which will make Massachusetts home to just two thriving black markets. African-American smokers, which means that the crime and police activity that’ll surround trade at the product will concentrate on exactly precisely the same areas that have suffered through decades of unfair drug warfare punishment particularly favor cigarettes. “Under this announcement, unapproved vaping products are treated as illegal drugs, ownership of which is enough to justify the forfeiture of the vehicles in which they’re located,” Jacob Sullum composed in Reason.


“Massachusetts is poised to overtake vapers of the harm-reducing services and products they had to stop smoking. Then steal their cars should they dare to defy that unfair and ridiculous edict.” Massachusetts is on the verge of passing the outrageous vaping law at the nation and is instantaneous and overwhelming action by vapers. Until senators leave for the recess the bill has passed on the statehouse and is led to a vote at the Massachusetts Senate in June.