how much nicotine should my eliquid have

How Many Milligrams Of Nicotine Should My E-Liquid Have?


Vapers regularly wonder what levels and does of nicotine they were getting in a cigarette, it’s frequently wondered because they’re are in search of an exact dosage of what nic concentration they need in e-liquid. the idea is to mimic the hit they get from cigarettes, and get the same nicotine experience vaping that they do smoking. Yet knowing what number of milligrams of nic are in one cigarette received necessarily translates into vaping. that’s because the method of delivery is slower and is absorbed at a more consistent rate, and even an equivalent amount of nic won’t provide the equal kick when added in a vape versus in a cigarette.

nic is a complex topic, and most of our articles deal strictly with vaping nicotine. but because maximum vapers had been once people who smoke, and because masses of smokers are looking for low-chance alternatives to cigarettes, we need to discover all nicotine utilization. additionally, it’s a quite thrilling subject matter — and if the fda manages to lessen nicotine in cigarettes underneath addictive ranges, it’ll become even extra interesting!


0mg: 0mg ejuice is just that nicotine that in effect does not exist in the liquid at all. This is commonly used for people who have lowered their reliance on nic and are close to quitting vaping altogether.  Some people use this strength to simply enjoy the flavors of vaping’s options though it is not around.

3mg: 3mg ejuice is recommended for those who smoked like cigarettes and not quite a full pack of regular analog cigarettes. While the instant satisfaction is not instant this is one of the things you must get used to. The puff you take now has a delayed effect so vaping frequently is key to controlling your cravings. Many vapers make the mistake of moving up in milligrams as a solution or seeking the buzz.  The buzz means you’ve absorbed to nicotine and it is not a safe practice.

6mg: 6mg nicotine is recommend for the pack a day or more smoker. This provides a level of nicotine that you are used to if you consume 20 or more cigarettes a day. This is not the nic level for a light smoker or someone who is not used to consuming a pack a day or more.

12mg: 12mg is recommended for mouth to lung vaping at lower wattage levels. 12mg nic juice in sub ohm levels can be very uncomfortable and can be too much for most vapers. It is recommended that use this milligram somewhere in the 1 ohm or higher level since you will be absorbing a lot of this nicotine in a very fast pace.