Lost Vape Orion Pod Mod System

Lost Vape Orion Pod System Review


Few products make you go wow! The Lost Vape Orion Pod System was one of those products for me. The only drawback this device has is that in the states it does not include pods. Easily solved as the pods are prety cheap and very durable. Ok let’s get to it!

The Lost Vape Orion Pod Mod System features the most advanced chipset in any pod system currently on the market. Featuring a DNA GO chip from Evolve that pairs up with their escribe software and allows you to fully customize your vape experience. The pod mod is made of steel and is just gorgeous in just about any color you choose, while the base is steel you have the option of resin, steel, or carbon fiber as the options for the rest of the body. With an internal 950mah battery that charges pretty fast and has lasted me an average of 8 hours of full usage between charges when running the device at 15 watts. Charging is a standard USB port so no need for special cables. The DNA Chip features replay mode which when activated replicates your last puff until deactivated. This is a great feature that comes into play when you find the right setting or capture the perfect puff.

The device itself is gorgeous and light, tiny to the pam. But how are the NON-INCLUDE PODS?!? The come in the options of 0.25 or 0.5 ohms. They feature a screw on fill feature that locks your liquid into the chamber and has shown minimal leaking but only after five refills to the pod. Each pod features the option of mouth to lung or direct lung inhaling by simply turning and opening or restricting the airflow. Each pod has a 3ml capacity when filled ot the brim. The break in process involves filling the pod and closing all airflow, taking several puffs to encourage wicking and then letting the pod sit for a bit. Full flavor isn’t evident until about ten to fifteen puffs but then it’s very pronounced by pod mod standards. While this may be a pain the result is very good, let’s just say that it’s not an enjoyable process and could be better managed by dropping some drops down the mouthpiece but you may potentially flood the coil itself.

One of the cool features of this system is that it’ll work with both salt nic liquids and regular liquids up to 70% vg. I don’t really recommend chain vaping with liquid that thick but it works and it works well. I tend to do five puffs on average and let the the wick soak up again. This typically becomes a faster process the more the wick breaks in.

Overall: This device is great but it requires a bit of work and that’s not a bad thing. The results are tremendous once you go through its ritual. The pods at a price of $4.50 a piece is great because so far each pod for me is on its sixth refill and still performing well. A few settings we recommend are below for your use. These settings are for high side vg level liquids in the range of 3, 6, and 9 milligrams of nicotine. I did burn out two pods going into the 30 watt and 35 watt setting range. For salt nicotine the pods are good to go at the preset wattages which I haven’t touched because I enjoy them.


Escribe Software: Direct Lung Settings (for higher vg liquids)

Warmth: Set to 1

Curve: Set to 0

Wattage Settings: 10 watts, 15 watts, 25 watts