Loaded E-Liquid 120ml $11.99

loaded e liquid 120ml

Loaded E-Liquid 120ml $11.99




Loaded E-Liquid comes in 120ml of juice and features Cran-apple, Glazed Donuts, and Smores. 120 milliliters of juice delivered in premium style for the all low price of $11.99. How can you go wrong?

Personally I am a fan of glazed donuts and smores..both deliver a great flavor experience that features complexity and layers of flavors. Indulge yourself in a guilt free manner that keeps your taste buds happy and your waistline even happier.

All in all this is one hell of a deal, you won’t find these prices on this line anywhere else so jump on it while inventory remains available. Once it runs out you won’t see a price this low on this product for a very long time. Order over $50 and you’ll get free priority shipping and when you do the math that is one amazing purchase you’ll make and one that will keep your wicks wet for a very long time.



Written by David Myers

An enthusiastic vaper with 8 years under his belt as a former smoker. Avid reviewer of products and has a history of advising vape companies, vape juice manufacturers on how to improve their products. David is the owner of TVD and started the website as an unbiased and non-sponsored destination for deals, vape news, and vape reviews.

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