JUUL Takes On Underage Vaping With New Bluetooth Capable E-Cig

JUUL Takes on Underage Vaping accusations by bringing the fight to the gate of you attempting to activate its product. Vaping giant JUUL has introduced its latest product. The JUUL C1 which is already available in two markets. Being a new direction in the companies attempt to transition into a more contained and responsible brand. With the public criticism targeted at their past of advertising methods that are now considered very taboo. If you currently live in Canada or the U.K. you can order one from just about any online vape shop. Although, now you have to verify your age by having a photo taken of you while you activate the product via a Bluetooth connected app.

Privacy Concerns For JUUL C1 Application:

Some of you may have issues with that. Many already do, with some going as far as calling the application really nothing more than collecting data. To some part, this is true. An IOS software update that recently went into beta. The OS offers the option to disable what “information rights” an app can have on your mobile phone. Some of the players exposed as constantly pinging your phone via Bluetooth. It goes as far as knowing who you spend time with just because of the proximity of two pings. This of course now is cause for concern over any new app from any corporation. Information on consumers is wildly valued and considering the valuation of this innovative company, of course, antennas on privacy groups have gone up.

If You Are Cool With The C1 Activation Requirements:

Should you be fine with sharing information. Good for you! You now can enjoy a pretty cool product that has an app that can tell you when and where and how you vape. Seriously! No word on when this product will become available in the U.S. but we expect it to pass FDA approval with the right campaign. Whether they will be available over the counter is not known at the moment but the online model creates a bigger and more trackable chain of purchase which is a great thing. Remember in most states you need to be 21 and with online tools in place impacting accountability becomes much simpler. We are thrilled that any attempted is being made and we are glad JUUL Takes On Underage Vaping.

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