JUUL Leads The Charge On Patent Lawsuits Over Vapor Products


JUUL Labs has taken its grievances straight to the court room filing lawsuits against 24 people and companies, alleging infringement on their patented technology that powers their JUUL pods and has been lately been found in JUUL-compatible pods.


Bloomber has reported that JUUL has also filed additional lawsuits in district courts alleging that companies that operate out of 10 districts in the United States are producing/manufacturing the products of alleged infringement via factories in China without their explicit permission.



JUUL for some time has shown concern over the quality of these products and the conditions found in some of the manufacturing facilities where they are created in China. Since these companies operate under lower standards than manufacturers in the United States. The concern isn’t new among the vaping community and business owners but it’s the first time these concerns show up in litigation.

Infringement has been a hot topic for the past several years, with new startups adopting existing tech into their products while saving themselves the cost of research & development. The quality standards of many fly by night companies has come into question and anyone that has used thirty party pods that are JUUL compatible can vouch for the differences in nicotine, quality, and even something like the inferior performance of the wicking material.

With this company now embracing its dominance over the marketplace it was only time before more of these companies popped up and divided the pile of cash up for grabs. So these lawsuits are both a measure of cutting them down as well as dissuading others from jumping into the market with compatible products.

Expect these lawsuits to continue.