Is It OK to Mix E-Liquids?


Is It OK to Mix E-Liquids? Consider this situation: you’ve got a few favorite liquid flavors, and vape them all the time. The flavor profiles are comparable enough that you can even switch them up between tank fills without changing the coil (we’re not talking about a switch from vanilla ice cream to menthol tobacco here). Is It OK to Mix E-Liquids? Is it okay to play armchair mixologist and blend the two together?


Sure! This is a common thing for vapers to do, and here we’ll take you through some ways mixing e-liquids can help enhance your vaping experience. With a little practice, you’ll be able to concoct your favorite blend of e-liquid in no time.


Mixing e-liquids has two basic functions: you can mix two flavors you think will go great together, or you can mix the same liquid at two nicotine strengths to custom-tailor your nic level (especially handy if you’re tapering down your nicotine use). In this article, we’ll look at both of these scenarios and offer up some ideas to blend the perfect e-liquid.

Mixing Nicotine Strengths and PG/VG

The first thing to know before you begin blending e-liquids on your own is that nicotine strength can be affected by mixing. Your e-liquid strength preference likely depends on your tolerance to nicotine. Common nic strengths for traditional e-liquids are 0mg, 3mg, and 6 mg, though some recipes are available in 12mg, 18mg, or higher.


If you have an e-liquid at 12 mg nic strength and you want it lighter on the nic, a great option to save your bottle is to get the same flavor and cut it with a lower dosage. Nearly every brand is available in multiple strengths, so this shouldn’t e a problem.


Similar principles are at play when mixing e-liquids with varying propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) levels. If you find that your favorite liquid is too thick and it’s having trouble penetrating your coil’s wicking, blending it with a high-PG juice could help. Likewise, if your preferred flavor is so thin it’s prone to leaking, or it’s delivering too strong a throat hit, blending with something with more VG might improve matters.


For instance, if you mix a liquid with 70/30 PG/VG with 50/50 PG/VG, the blend will come out at about 60/40 PG/VG, assuming you’re mixing equal parts Liquid 1 and Liquid 2. This is important to note, especially when you’re mixing flavors that have different PG/VG levels. Make sure to always check the labels of your flavors before you mix anything and make sure you shake thoroughly before using any mixed blend.

Mixing Flavors

Okay, now for the fun part. The easiest way to mix is to get two flavors from your collection that you think will go great together and experiment! The key to this is finding two flavors that play well together – if it would work as food, chances are good it’ll work as a vale. Not all flavors will be great working together, though. Ultimately, the risk you run by mixing two flavors of liquids is that you might not like the result, so wash out an empty bottle and start slowly. However, with a little bit of experimentation and practice, you can get quite good at it in no time at all.

Fruit Punch

There are thousands of tasty combinations just in the world of fruits alone. Basic fruit flavors are some of the best to start mixing with. The first ones that come to mind are Apple and Strawberry. That mix pretty well with just about anything. Once you choose a base you like then you can start experimenting with your own recipes. For example, I’ve used apple with a mix of Honeydew for a tropical flavor profile. I’ve also used strawberry with a hint of Blueberry, which is not too sweet but has a lip-smacking tartness.


Another flavor that’s easy to mix as a base is Coffee. Every coffee lover can get behind a good coffee flavored vape, especially considering how mixable coffee is normally. All of your favorites can go into your own personalized coffee concoction: Vanilla, Chocolate, or any Milk or Cream flavors go great alongside coffee. These can help to make your own Macchiato, Latte, or Cappuccino that’ll taste just like some of the premium blends. Some of these flavors are already mixed with a multitude of ingredients so check the labels and know what you’re putting in your coffee vape!


This blend might be a little bit trickier to get a handle on. Dessert blends are already usually pretty complicated, so mixing them with more liquids may garner mixed results. But take some basic flavors that are great on their own such as Pie or Cake and blend in some fruity goodness. For instance, you can mix the Cake with a Strawberry and get your own Strawberry Shortcake. Or even more classic, you can mix the pie flavor with the aforementioned apple flavor to make your very own Apple Pie flavor.


Mixing vape juice can be fun, but it takes practice. There’s a long tradition of mixing in the vaping world and it can help you explore new and unexplored worlds, and get the right nicotine and PG/VG blend.


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