iJoy 20700 3000 mAh 40A Battery $9.59

iJoy 20700 Battery

iJoy 20700 3000 mAh 40A Battery $9.59


The iJoy 20700 battery is the latest high amp cell power cell to revolutionize the vaping industry and is the first custom designed electronic cigarette 20700 power source. Many experts in the industry are calling this the game changer. Made for demanding applications, this 20700 cell unit delivers 40 amps of power while maintaining a solid 3000mAh of capacity, all in a size that is only slightly larger than a standard 18650.
This is the best battery on the market for any mod that operates on a 20700 cell unit and at this pricing you’d be a fool to not pick up more than a few units.
  • High Discharge INR Flat Top Cell Unit
  • 3000 mAh Rated Capacity
  • 3.7V Nominal Voltage
  • 40A Continuous Discharge Maximum



Written by David Myers

An enthusiastic vaper with 8 years under his belt as a former smoker. Avid reviewer of products and has a history of advising vape companies, vape juice manufacturers on how to improve their products. David is the owner of TVD and started the website as an unbiased and non-sponsored destination for deals, vape news, and vape reviews.

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