How Often Should I Change My Vape Coil?

How Often Should I Change My Vape Coil?


How Often Should I Change My Vape Coil?
How Often Should I Change My Vape Coil?

Routine vape maintenance is an important part of any vaper’s ongoing journey. Both main elements of vape experience center around ensuring that both your high-amp batteries and prebuilt or manually coils are functioning as intended. Within this article, our focus will be in keeping you vaping at an optimal level while helping you preserve the lifespan of your coil and pointing out benchmarks on when to change your coils.

Broadly communicating, altering your coil resembles servicing on everything else: the frequency of when you need to have to transform it relies on how usually you use it. If you vape casually, heavy vapers will need to have to change more frequently than. The important part is recognizing your own self, recognizing your habit, as well as recognizing your vaping equipment.

These are actually a handful of suggestions for observing your own self and getting into the habit of certainly not only enjoying the process of vaping but handling the gear that allows you to get that cherished dosage of nicotine.


Typically, somebody that chain vapes daily need to alter their vape coil every 5-7 days. While people who vape less, at lower watts, and with lower sweetener concentration can use a coil on average up to two weeks.

This may appear truly regular for somebody who does not vape a lot, however trust me you will not regret it. If you want to maintain this regularity of maintenance, I find that the best method is actually to enter into an every week ritual. This ritualizing of activity may vary relying on exactly how you receive your vaping roll. As you will see in the image below internally a coil is composed of a wire and some cotton. It starts off pristine white and over time degrades as you vape.




This caused by both heat, air, and the compounds found in e-liquid. Typically the sweeter your e-liquid the faster the degradation of the cotton. This is because sweeteners as they are heated become stronger and thicker and create an almost caramelized version of themselves which bond with the fibers of the cotton and impact how fast it wicks rendering it useless.


Looking around the web you’ll find a ton of suggestions on how to extend the life of your coils. Here some you absolutely shouldn’t do.

  • Running a coil under flowing water: This is a big no no, because water generally carries other things within it. The last thing you want is a respiratory infection over saving a few bucks due to the impurities you are introducing to your cotton and then to your lungs.
  • Just Keep Vaping On It: Well if you don’t mind not tasting your liquid as it is intended then maybe you should but if you value flavor we recommend changing your coil the moment you feel flavor loss.
  • Rebuild It: I did this years ago and it’s just too time consuming. If you are going to build coils get an RDA and save yourself the hassle of pulling apart prebuilt coil heads and reassembling them. 19 out 20 times you won’t do it right.


Vaping is all about the experience and the nicotine delivery experience. If the prices on your coils are too good to be true like some listing on EBAY they may very well be fake coils and potentially dangers to you physically or to your lungs. Vape sales from time to time include coils, wait for a reputable vendor to have a sale and stock up.