HorizonTech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank Review

HorizonTech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank Review

HorizonTech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank

HorizonTech Falcon Sub Ohm Tank. I have been extremely critical of sub ohm tanks in the past two years mainly due to the fact that the focus has shifted a bit towards more cloud. More cloud is great but it is not for everyone, Phil Busardo one of our favorite youtube reviewers has been preaching about this for a very long time.

Experience is everything, experience is what makes a smoker an ex-smoker and while more cloud is a nice niche it’s not for everyone. There are those of us who prefer our experience be based on flavor. I say all of this because you may just be about to sit down through a love affair betwee me and a sub ohm tank and I really, truly don’t want this to come off as shilling. Very rarely do I have to publicly state this mostly due to my very critical nature but yes this device is one I am absolutely in love with.


My criticism!: I think i’m going to throw up my biggest criticisms out early going forth so those who judge a product based on that can skip the good. My criticism for this sub ohm tank is it the lack of coil options, HorizonTech did not confirm or deny that they are expanding the coil offerings for this tank, while their coils are some of the best ever made the two current options might be all we get. Considering other lines have put out great coils for the same devices in different setting regions it seems HorizonTech might just let this wave of it’s atomizer live within these restrictions. To that we say boo! Yet we hope the flax fiber aspect of their coils continues to live on perhaps in other atomizers they release.

HorizonTech is best known for the Arctic sub ohm line of tanks. This was a player in vaping that very quickly became overshadowed by giants in the market such as Kangertech, Sigelei, Smoke, and Uwell. One this HorzionTech has been known for is flavor. The HorizonTech Falcon is no exeption if anything it scream “we went back to the drawing board to find perfection.” Let’s take a look at the specifications of this tank.

Product Features:

  • 25.2mm Diameter
    • Threaded Top Fill System
      • Two Fill Ports
      • 5ml Maximum Tank Capacity
  • HorizonTech Falcon Coil Family
    • Vertical Coil Orientation
      • F1 Falcon Coil
        • 0.2 ohm
        • Parallel Coils
        • Liquid Guiding Element
          • 70% Cotton and 30% Wood Pulp
        • 80W
      • F2 Falcon Coil
        • 0.2 ohm
        • Parallel Coils
        • Liquid Guiding Element
          • Natural Flax Fiber
        • 80W
      • F3 Falcon Coil
        • 0.2 ohm
        • Parallel Coils
        • Liquid Guiding Element
          • Flax Fiber and Flax Paper
        • 70W
      • M1 Falcon Coil
        • 0.15 ohm
        • Mesh Coils
        • Liquid Guiding Element
          • 70% Cotton 80% Wood Pulp
        • 70W
  • Dual Bottom Airslots
    • 14mm by 3mm Each
    • Fully Closable
  • 11mm Bore 510 Delrin Drip Tip
  • 8mm Bore 510 Resin Drip Tip
    • Resin At Random
  • Gold Plated 510
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

Seriously there is no point in getting into the quality of the build. It is solid, very solid, no shortcuts were taken in the making of this sub ohm tank. So what in the world did I love about this tank? The coils and the flavor production. My first experience of this tank was at a vape convention in Nevada. It was shared with me by a fellow vaper and the first hit almost turned me into a thief. I could not believe the flavor. Ironically at the time I was walking around with a squonk kit vaping the same exact juice he was but his tasted better than mine! We as vapers can’t have that! Second place? No way Jose!

horizon_halcon_15 coilsa

Let what I said sink in, a sub ohm tank generated better flavor for me using the same juice than the current RDA I was using. This by the way is a top 3 “flavor” RDA out there with a sick flavor build and pumping out 90 watts. I know, I know. You need to know the coil type, the wicking material, all that jazz. I build for flavor, if you build for flavor you have a specific type of RDA build you prefer personally. To make sure that it wasn’t just me I overnighted a few of these to friends across the states. The same reaction, the only other time I have seen such a general consensus over a tank was with the Crown V3 by Uwell and that wasn’t as boisterous as this.

Both coils are fantastic but the F2 Parallel Head coil takes the cake, at 75 watts this thing is puts out flavor like it’s spoonfeeding your the pastry you are tasting from the juice. Ok, the coils don’t sound all that out of this world but what really makes these special is the flax seed fiber that wicks faster and CREATES NO FLAVOR LOSS IN THE PROCESS. Don’t take my word for it ask anyone who owns this tank what their first experience with it was like, if they aren’t gloating about their experience you need to find new friends because they are trying to keep you in second place.

Now i’m not saying this tank is for everyone, it definitely isn’t. It might be for some, but it might be too big for others. 5ml juice capacity is somewhere in the middle of the pack with 2ml and 7ml behemoths dominating the market. At 25.2mm it might produce a bit of overhang on your mod, so for those of you with OCD (not making fun of you) who love things to line up perfectly it might not be a perfect marriage. For everyone else who just simply wants to not waste money on junk and wants really amazing flavor and good lifespan of your coils this is your mecca.

Average Coil Lifespan: 5 Days

Best watt settings: 60-70 watts

Ideal Juice Pairings: Desserts, Fruits, Tobacco, Menthol, Creams