HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer
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HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer Review


Today we are reviewing the HoneyStick Turbo HRB Dry Herb Vaporizer which is a budget friendly portable device for fans of toking on the go. This device costs considerably less than many of its competitors and was created to become the king of the $100 and below dry herb vaporizer category.








HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer Size Comparison
Size Comparison

Product Specifications:

  • Width: 1 Inch Width.
  • Length: 3 Inches In Length (Without Mouth Piece Attachments).
  • Materials: Zinc Alloy, Metallic Buttons, Rubberized Mouth Piece.
  • Durable body and design capable to handling adventures in the world.
  • Material Capacity: depends on grinding / approx 1x1x1 cm
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Vibrating Temperature Indication
  • 2 Mouthpiece Options
  • 3 Temperature Settings: 392°F, 410°F, and 428°F
  • 4V Output
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • 90 Warranty
  • Materials Used: Polished aluminum body, rubber grips, ceramic heating chamber
  • 3 Amazing Color Options: Yellow, Black and Gunmetal
  • For Dry Herbs NOT meant for wax/concentrates

Initial Use Process:

HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer Package
HoneyStick HRB Turbo Package

As always with any device which you will be using for inhaling vapors, we recommend giving it a clean bill of health. Avoid any machine oils that may potentially have been missed in the quality control process as this can affect the taste of your buds. For us we found very little to clean as the device as pretty immaculate minus one dab of oil on the outside housing. This is among the best conditions we have ever received a product in and showcases just how serious honeystick is about their reputation. For those of you who are unsure of how to clean a vaporizer. See instructions below.

How To Clean The Hrb Turbo Vaporizer:

  • Take a napkin and use rubbing alcohol, dampen the napkin.
  • Squeeze any excess alcohol from the napkin or towel.
  • Wipe down the external components of all vaporizer parts, ensuring the towel is not damp enough to affect any internal components due to excess fluids.
  • Sit the vaporizer down and allow to air dry.
  • Mouth pieces can be dipped into alcohol baths and left to sit so long as they are not metallic in nature.
  • Compartments, mesh, and ovens can be dry burned a few times as they will naturally burn off any oils or residue.


Charging The Vaporizer:

HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer Compartment
Oven View

One of the best things about the HRB is that you can charge it quickly with any standard USB cable compatible with any android type cellular phone. The charging time varies on the state of your battery drain but can take up to an hour to charge to full. The device will alert you once it has reached a full charge.


Loading Your Dry Materials:

HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer In Hand View
HoneyStick HRB Turbo In Hand View

Grinding down your flowers to a very thin material is vital here to get the most of out of this dry herb vaporizer. Chunky bits and nuggets will not heat evenly and you will end up with less vapor and lots of wasted material. We recommend grinding things down to a fine consistency that’s almost powdery. This will get you a better yield, better vapor, and more effective use of your inhaling efforts. From experience I would highly recommend filling up the compartment oven to just shy of full. Make sure you allow space for airflow and for the mouth piece to not force your dry herb down. Crushing your dry herb will result in an a ridiculously tight draw and a very harsh experience.

Setting Your Desired Temperature:

In order to use either of the three temperature options presets of the device you will need to activate the device into it being powered on, once that is done you must press and hold the single silver button to get the lights to flash. Since three options are available you’ll know which one is currently selected as the device will vibrate either one, two, or three times as you cycle through the options. Once you have found your desired temperature let the settings state deactivate itself and start heating the oven.


When To Start Inhaling:

Also, once the oven reaches the desired temperature you indicated in your setting options it will rumble or vibrate. This is the indicator that it is time to start inhaling the vapor. While some users may not experience thick visible clouds you are still inhaling it, but it is just thinner. When we started to grind your flowers to really small and powdery quality. This was to get the device to produce better clouds and the spacing we recommended. This will assist in producing better, thicker, and considerably thicker and richer vapor on the inhale.

Per filled over we recommend that you do not use it more than twice using the highest setting as your dry herb/marijuana may already have reached its capacity of use. Remove the mouthpiece and use the provided metal tool to move it around. Look for the color green, if you only see brown it is time to empty the oven. Dump its contents and refill it with fresh material.


HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer Conclusion:

While this product doesn’t offer all of the bells and whistles of many of its competitors it does cost significantly less. We like the product because of its simplicity, cost, and durability. This is for the on the go vaper who wants something that will last.





HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer Review
A Great Portable Vaporizer
The HoneyStick HRB Turbo Vaporizer is a great portable vaporizer for anyone that uses the device solo or with a friend. It is not ideal for large groups of tokers as the capacity is the only short coming of this product but for a person or two it will certainly do the job better than any other vaporizer at this price point.
What We Love
What We Dislike
Not for concentrates
Only three temperature options
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