Hobo V2 RDA

Hobo V2 22mm RDA – Tobeco $9.99 (U.S. Vendor)



If you like rebuilding your vapes then you’ve heard of the Hobo V2, this RDA is an inexpensive RDA that is both durable and high performance. Manufactured by Tobeco with both experience and beginners alike in mind. For anyone looking for a backup or a replacement RDA this price cannot be beat. In terms of quality go back and read the review on the HOBO V2.


I have owned a Hobo V2 since its release and it still remains one of my most flawless purchases. Only two RDAs have been in my collection this long and still look as pretty as when they were first released. The Hobo V2 is made of fine grade metals and features some of the most scratch resistant build decks on the planet, while the juice well isn’t designed to be flooded you’ll come to adjust and love the kind of flavor experience this provides.


Whether you need or not this RDA is great and makes for the perfect surprise gift for any vaper, intermediary level or expert. Make sure you pick up some of the coilart prebuilt coils they also have on sale at lower prices than you can find from coilart itself. Welcome to cheap excellence in vaping.



2 adjustable airflow holes on top
2 adjustable airflow holes on side


Hobo V2 22mm RDA
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