Florida Considers Ban On Vaping At Workplaces

Florida Considers Ban On Vaping At Workplaces

Florida Considers Ban On Vaping At Workplaces
Florida Considers Ban On Vaping At Workplaces


The Panama Area News Adviser states that Fla legislators are taking into consideration a bill that prohibits vaping in encased inside workplaces. The proposal would certainly execute a citizen permitted intrinsic amendment from the November sixth, 2018 election.

SPB 7012 is planned to be thought about on February 5, 2018, at 10:00 go to the 110 Senate Property due to the Senate Advancement, Industry, and Technology Board and also comes virtually precisely 3 months observing the citizen authorized modification change.

The Senate expense mostly represents a historical ban on cigarette smoking cigarette in indoor place of work, however, in one key difference, it will make it possible for an area or even county statutes that would certainly put more-restrictive rules on vaping. It additionally would include vaping to a condition law that bans people under grow older 18 from smoking tobacco within 1,000 feet of colleges.

The recommended costs language goes through “Vaping; Banning vaping in a confined indoor workplace, except as typically delivered; supplying exemptions to the restriction against vaping and cigarette smoking in an enclosed indoor place of work; needing the operator or even other boss of a confined inside workplace to apply a plan and also build regarding indicated cigarette smoking and vaping restrictions, etc.”

Under Fla condition legislation, merely the state can easily moderate smoking tobacco.

Transgressions lead to a precaution or even around $500 great for the first violation, or even both.

For the second violation within 2 years after the first 432 infractions, the provider shall be subject to a penalty of not less 433 than $five hundred or even much more than $2,000;

For the succeeding or third violation within 2 years 435 after the very first infraction, the seller will experience a revocation of the right to preserve a stand-alone club in which tobacco 437 cigarette smoking or vaping or each, are licensed is actually enabled, certainly not to 438 exceed thirty days, and should be subject to a great of not lower than 439 $500 or even much more than $2,000.

For the fourth or subsequent transgression, the merchant 441 will receive a 60-day revocation of the right to sustain a 442 stand-alone club through which tobacco smoking or even vaping, or even each, are actually 443 authorized is allowed and shall undergo a fine of not 444 less than $five hundred or even greater than $2,000 or even cancellation of the right to 445 sustain a stand-alone pub in which cigarette smoking or even vaping, 446 or even both, are licensed is actually enabled.

The new laws will take effect on July 1st, 2019 if passed. That means that vapers will once again be lumped back in with smokers outside to enjoy their nicotine break while no longer being able to effective vape at their workstations. Personally, vapers that can vape at their desks tend to have a higher efficiency rate than those who have to take breaks as companies lose an average of 30 minutes a day to smoke and vape breaks where indoor vaping is not allowed.

While the argument can be made that non-smoking and non-vaping employees may not enjoy being around the aroma or the clouds which we understand perhaps having an indoor designated area for vaping might create an even ground and not cost employers loses of efficiency that these former smokers turn vapers may now be contributing back into the workforce. Florida is leading the charge on this while states like New York have had these laws in place for years as amendments to their clean air anti-cigarette laws from a few years ago under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. We can only hope that companies that are now going to have to these potential new rules at the very least designate an area for vapers far away from its smoking staff. Ask any former turned the-vaper about their experiences around smokers and 19 out 20 will tell you they hate the scent, the association to cigarettes, as well having to once again be around a product they fought to escape through their journey into vaping. We hope that vape advocacy groups take up this fight on behalf of vapers and at least can ensure that their rights are protected and that they don’t end up falling under the same guidelines and rules as smokers. States like Nevada have been very friendly towards the use of electronic cigarettes and most establishments actually are fine with their use as they leave behind no noticeable smell and the plume from an e-cigarette evaporates rather quickly. Other states such as California and within that state San Francisco have been extremely anti-vaping with some pretty strong ordinances against sales of specific flavors, products, and even where these products can be used. Let’s hope that the vapers of these regions do not return to smoking as the personal and state costs of treating cancer patients and other ailments that arise from the use of traditional products will certainly cripple their budgets in due time.

America should take a page out of the UK’s view on vaping and embrace it instead of trying to subdue it because vaping is here, it’s strong, it’s effective, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. So while mayors and governors see their tobacco tax revenues dwindle and they implement taxation one these products to fill the void they should also be aware of the local business consequences of not accepting the popularity of vaping and the jobs the industry has created across all 50 states. It seems at times that commerce of marijuana in the states that allow it has fewer restrictions than what your local vape shop owner might experience. Between the misinformation, the campaigns against vaping, and practically crippling oversight and regulations its becoming quite apparent that embracing vaping isn’t on the agenda and even with the new lobbying dollars from big tobacco via JUUL we may not see any relief or change of course in the immediate future.


Dr. Scott Gotlieb the head of the FDA has publicly admitted that converting every smoker into a vaper would have a huge effect on public health and the other side to that argument is a cost factor that comes into play. When someone is sick and cannot afford their chemo, their meds, or just basic needs they apply for aid from the government and those benefits come from tax-payer dollars. Those dollars that could be better suited towards educating people on health, wellness, or improving our mental health offerings as a country. The reality is that the toll on the economy that tobacco-related deaths are steep, it’s heavy, and it’s massively unnecessary. More studies into vaping are needed, unbiased studies from neutral bodies to understand the long term effect of vaping. Yet during that time we could help and educate smokers on how to effectively transition their addiction and within a year time stop their reliance on nicotine entirely via vaping. I am a huge advocate of this because that was my journey after 20 plus years of a tobacco addiction that medication, over the counter products, lozenges, patches or even hypnosis couldn’t cure. Vaping e-liquid is a means to and end and while many simply replaced one dependency with another the effectiveness of this smoking cessation and the message of vaping as a smoking cessation vehicle has been lost to advertising and companies seeking life time value out of vapers. So let’s take the millions spent on ads bashing vaping, the millions spent on hiring biased experts who are anti-vaping, and let’s take the millions spent on enforcement of vaping regulations and invest that into making the general public an educated public who can on their own decide what is the best course to take in their attempts to curb their smoking addiction to cigarettes. We really welcome dialogue on this hot topic and want to get your take and views on this, so tell us what your opinions are on vapers being bracketed with smokers and seemingly not being properly represented by legislative bodies and those who make public policy. If you haven’t joined CASAA.Org yet we really encourage you to do this soon as the fight for the right to vape is obviously heating up and it’s better to show our unified strength early in the fight than complain once the laws and regulations are fully in place. As the fight rages on and the uneducated politicians simply want you to be another number on a spreadsheet make sure you remind them that you are a voter, an active member of a very vibrant and powerful community, and even more important a voice that will not remain silent and forgotten. Vaping needs your help, are you ready to answer the call and stand for millions around the country just like you? If so take to contacting your Senator, Congressman or Congresswoman, Governor and Mayors and make sure your voice gets heard before it’s too late. The time to act is now before 2021 rolls around and your rights as a consumer, the brands you love, and the hardware you enjoy vanishes and you are only left with products backed by big tobacco giants who have turned their attention to vaping. As I am sure you’ve seen in the news, big tobacco is now focused on vaping and your favorite brand may just very well cease to exist if they have their way.


Read the full story here. For more information on independent vape, studies check out Dr. Farsalino’s website here.