Feds Raid JUUL Offices & Seize Documents

Feds Raid JUUL Offices & Seize Documents!


Feds Raid JUUL Offices & Seize Documents


The offices of JUUL have been raided by the FDA leading to a seizure of documents that may disclose internal discussions, marketing tactics, as well as other private communications between teams and executives. JUUL has been in the cross hairs of the FDA for some time now as they have been accused of making it simple for minors to vape even though data can easily point that claim of responsibility to brick and mortar stores as JUUL themselves age verifies every order they process online. Gizmodo broke the news that the JUUL offices were raided on Friday in an attempt to acquire documentation on JUUL’s sales and marketing practices. The currently known tally is in the thousands of documents. This is being called an inspection but hardly qualifies as that considering the seizure of documents that took place.

The CEO of JUUL Kevin Burns has sounds amicable in his public statements but likely has plenty to worry about as the eyes of the government continue to rattle the cages at this behemoth brand in vaping. Two weeks post Scott Gottlieb’s public spanking of JUUL and it’s marketing practices. The company is the leading ultra portable manufacturer of e-cigarettes in the United States and has seen it’s share of good and bad press.

It’s pod system uses proprietary technology thus little actual information is known about what is in the liquids within it’s pods or why it is so popular beyond its design. The brand separated itself from it’s original parent company PAX  a few years back as it became the more popular brand of the two and was recently valued at well over 15 billion dollars based on it’s sales performance and its percentage of market share.


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