FDA To Streamline Nicotine Replacement Therapies



BIGBIGNEWS! The FDA is moving to streamline the approval process for new nicotine replacement therapies – previously this would include gums, patches, and lozenges marketed by Big Pharma as quit aids, but now the definition might expand to include vapor products, which have long proven to be both more popular and more effective as compared to old methods. We’ll be watching this one intently, without a doubt.


What does this mean for vaping isn’t very clear just yet but it seems to be taking away some of the focus on the industry and opening the door for more competition and alternatives which should alleviate some of the extreme pressures faced by vape manufacturers to conform to the ever growing list of demands posed to simply exist. Hopefully these alternatives come with lawyers who tie up the FDA a bit and helps them change the way they perceive our industry and allows the manufacturers to co-exist without crippling costs. One can hope that some of these therapies also result in additional research towards the entire spectrum of the marketplace enabling the vaping industry to showcase its results and it’s focus on actually quitting cigaretters rather than the lifestyle trend its’ considered as of late.


One word to the wise returning to a smoking cessation focal point is vital for vaping. The less naked people, the less “look at me being cool”, the better it will be for the industry as an entity. Part of what has affected vaping greatly in the eyes of the establishment is the cool factor and the longer we keep pushing it the more we’ll see manufacturers and retailers crippled to the point of going out of business as it stands. Vaping is a tool to quit smoking not a new way of experiencing flavor and the sooner we remember that the brighter our futures will be.