Eonsmoke 4 Pack Pods $8.99

Eonsmoke 4 Pack Pods $8.99



Eonsmoke came and introduced an alternative to the JUUL pods with an abundance of flavor options that simply are not available from the main manufacturer. Whether you use the JUUL or Eonsmoke’s own pod mod device you’ll be vaping entirely new flavor experience in minutes.

With a significant increase in juice capacity by comparison to JUUL pods Eonsmoke makes for a great investment. My suggestion is read the reviews to find which of their offerings suits your needs the best. Dollar for dollar there isn’t a better deal on pods for you JUUL users. I know I have been using Eonsmoke since I was introduced to the brand earlier this year. One of their better offerings is the pineapple pods which are a great replica of the tropical fruit and provide the right amount of nicotine to satisfy me. If you want to compare existing JUUL flavors to this brand, check out the mango flavor. While not exactly the same recipe as that of JUUL it’s pretty remarkable in how satisfying it is as well.

Some additional flavor options would be Grape, Blueberry, Silky Strawberry, and Citrus burst. These pods are long lasting and offering .3ml more than the juul pod. That’s 30% more liquid per pod. How can you go wrong or better yet how can you go back when the experience level is this phenomenal?