Demon Killer Twisted Wire 15FT $0.99

A dollar for fifteen feet of Demon Killer vape coil wire? Yep, no catch, no hidden fees, no bait, and switch. Choose between several gauges of wire size and with different intended uses. With a fifteen foot spool, you’ll be set on coils for a while and why not just pick up five or so, the price justifies that. Put it this way, 75 feet of wire is going to cost you way less than the cost of one single replacement coil for a sub ohm tank.

Demon Killer is a great brand for the wire you can use for your vape coils, with so many options finding the right fit for your build is simple enough.




Demon Killer Twisted wire 15FT

  • Length: 15FT
  • Material: Kanthal A1
  • Package size: 66x 62mm
  • Compatible mode: RDA, RBA, RTA, and RDTA


Kernel: 24GA A1

  • Wrapped: 24GA A1
  • Resistance: 0.2ohm
  • Length: 15FT


Kernel: 26GA A1

  • Wrapped: 26GA A1
  • Resistance: 0.36ohm
  • Length: 15FT


Kernel: 28GA A1

  • Wrapped: 28GA A1
  • Resistance: 0.6ohm
  • Length: 15FT

Kernel: 30GA A1

  • Wrapped: 30GA A1
  • Resistance: 0.8ohm
  • Length: 15FT

Kernel: 32GA A1

  • Wrapped: 32GA A1
  • Resistance: 0.9ohm
  • Length: 15FT