Demon Killer JBOX Mod $8.99

Demon Killer JBOX Mod isn’t a vape mod for the cloud chaser. This is a box mod for the vaper who loves higher ohms and higher nicotine concentration. Compatible with JUUL pods and similarly design pods. Ultra slim, small, very portable. No LCD screens but output, status, all showcased through LED lights. Need something for your mouth to lung vaping? This is ideal and at this price you’d be a fool to pass it up.

Demon Killer as a brand is most known for their coil kits.  The tiny size and beauty of this unit shows they have plenty more to offer. With two color options, both of which appear nicely in the palm of your hands.


JBOX Battery Details:

  • 1. Powered by 420mAh built-in battery, long lasting power life
  • 2. Stealth design for discrete vaping
  • 3. Four LED lights to show voltage status
  • 4. Tiny size & exquisite appearance, easy to carry
  • 5. Available in black and white

JBOX Mod for Juul Comes With:

  • Demon Killer JBOX Mod 420mAh
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
Demon Killer JBOX Mod $8.99
Demon Killer JBOX Mod $8.99