Demon Killer Care Kit $3.75


Demon Killer Care Kit features a ton of useful items for maintaining your vaping optimal. Included in this kit are two coil cleaning tools for getting sweetener gunks off your builds. thirty screws so you don’t have to walk into a hardware store and being stared at like you have two heads.

We’ve all lost a screw for our build deck and who really keeps the replacement ones? Here you get two sets of hex screws in different diameters. Also, you get one ten piece set of round head cross screws. Mount these on your rebuildable dripper atomizer and start producing flavors and cloud. I personally love their vape coils but sadly none come with this pack.  The Demon Killer Care Kit will set you up for an emergency you have.

Product Features:

  • Material: SS304
  • Industrial grade hardening
  • Three screws are available for all atomizers on the market.
  • Equipped with a soft brush for easy cleaning atomizer.

Package Contains:

  • One Allen Key
  • 2 x Coil Cleaning Tools
  • Two Vape Bands
  • Ten x M2.5*3 Hex Socket Set Screw
  • 10 x M3.0*3 Hex Socket Set Screw
  • Ten x M2.5*4 Round Head Cross Screw


Demon Killer Care Kit Sale Blowout $3.75
Demon Killer Care Kit Sale Blowout $3.75