Deluxe Pancake Man Vape Breakfast Classics $9.99

Deluxe Pancake Man E-Liquid

Deluxe Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics – 120ml $9.99


Vape Breakfast Classics’ Deluxe Pancake Man a delicious confection of fluffy pancakes, marshmallows, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped off with fruity cereal flakes.  You will want to vape your breakfast all day long. A truly unique and exotic vape you’ll not find under any other brand banner. Pancake Man E Liquid introduced vapers across the planet to taking their love of breakfast on the go. Richly decadent with accompanying and complimentary additions you’ll find yourslef liplicking as the essence of this marvel remains on your lips long after you’ve set your vape down for the time being but you’ll soon return to express your appreciation and love.


Written by David Myers

An enthusiastic vaper with 8 years under his belt as a former smoker. Avid reviewer of products and has a history of advising vape companies, vape juice manufacturers on how to improve their products. David is the owner of TVD and started the website as an unbiased and non-sponsored destination for deals, vape news, and vape reviews.

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