How To Charge Your VUSE E-Cigarette

Often the question “How To Charge Your VUSE E-Cigarette” pops up and it’s a very easy one to answer. The VUSE ALTO, VUSE SOLO, and VUSE VIBE all have similar functionality when it comes to charging. They all require a connection via USB port to a power source to generate the transfer for the charge. Below are instructions on how to charge your electronic cigarette easily.




How To Charge VUSE ALTO:


  • Your VUSE ALTO has an LED light that will flash ten times when it requires a charge
  • Locate the include VUSE ALTO USB Cable that came with your device
  • Insert the square end into a suitable USB port
  • Grab the other end of the cable which is shaped like a small U
  • Locate the bottom of your VUSE ALTO
  • Point the bottom into the top of the end of the cable
  • Lay both the device and cable on a flat surface

How Long Does It Take To Charge a VUSE ALTO:

  • Depending on how much battery is left anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes for a full charge
  • If you are a heavy vaper we recommend you plug the device into its charging cable regularly

How Long Does The Battery of The VUSE ALTO Last:

  • It is rated to last three hours of heavy use
  • This is dependent on how long your draw or inhalation of the vapor is


How To Charge VUSE SOLO:


How To Charge VUSE SOLO

  • Disconnect your VUSE SOLO cartridge from the device by turning it counter-clockwise
  • Locate a black square charger that came included with your VUSE SOLO Kit
  • Connect the metallic end into a suitable USB port
  • Find the bottom of your VUSE SOLO Device
  • Mount your your VUSE SOLO Battery device onto the USB Connection
  • Twist it clockwise until it recharges a firm tightness

How Long Does It Take To Charge A VUSE SOLO:

  • Your VUSE SOLO device will flash red two times when the power is getting low and a recharge is needed
  • The VUSE SOLO takes between 40 minutes and an hour and a half to reach full charge depending how depleted the battery is

How Long Does The VUSE SOLO Battery Last:

  • For heavy users of the VUSE SOLO approximately 3 to 4 hours
  • For medium frequency users the VUSE SOLO lasts approximately 8 hours of use